2 More Letterman Flings Alleged

dave letterman

An intern and a Late Show staffer say that other Letterman office romance took place.

Yikes. This Letterman thing is not going away. According to various news sources, more than one other woman has come forward with her own tale of inter-office shenanigans.  Read: Details Of The David Letterman Sex Extortion Case

People has an article about an unnamed source who claims that Dave Letterman had a sexual relationship a staffer before the Stephanie Birkitt incident. It was the late 1990s and the unmarried host and comedian conducted a semi-private relationship with a member of the Late Show's staff. The unnamed source goes on to lavish praise on the generally very private Letterman, saying that he was a gentleman and never lewd or tawdry in his dealings with the staff. The source went on to say, "In politics it's the same thing. People who live it, eat it, breathe it ... [It's] not some sort of predatory, 'Let's hire beautiful women so we can feast on them' kind of thing. That's just not the way it works." View: I Like A Guy At Work. Should I Date Him?

TMZ, who has been on the beachhead of the Letterman extortion scheme, has news of another alleged Letterman office romance. Per the tabloid site, Letterman had a one-year long tryst with intern Holly Hester in the early 90s. The Dave camp has yet to reply to either this allegation or the revelation from the People article. Read: Madonna On Letterman: I'll Never Marry Again

The Wall Street Journal's entertainment blog, dug up an old article about Stephanie Birkitt, the former girlfriend of alleged extortionist Robert Halderman and girl-on-the-side of Letterman. In the 2004 interview, Stephanie Birkitt said, "And he's just playful. We play catch sometimes in the office, and we all go to screenings together," among other things. Presciently, the title of the referenced article was "Letterman Aide Is Dave's Main Tease." Read: 10 Famously Unwed Couples

TMZ also had one last bit to squeeze in about the whole rotten affair. They mention that Halderman has pleaded not guilty on a charge of attempted first-degree criminal larceny. Despite making somewhere north of $200k per year, it's been said that Joe Halderman also pays $6,800 in alimony and child support (netting out to about $81,600 in after-taxes expenses). Read: The New Hook-Up Hotspot? Work!

One of the great ironies of this caper is that while Letterman was conducting these clandestine inter-office manuevers, he was excoriating Bill Clinton for similar shenanigans. Sure Letterman was not married at the time nor leading the free world, but it's a bit on the hypocritical side.