Love Bytes: Kosher Sex And Letterman Affair


Talmudic and stone egg secrets, and first kiss at the altar!

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

Last night, David Letterman revealed that he was recently blackmailed for $2 million for having sexual relationships with female members of his staff. Watch video here. [TresSugar]

The First Couple prove that absence does make the heart grow fonder through PDAs in Copenhagen yesterday. [HuffPo]

In honor of the Jewish new year, have kosher sex! Molly Mann reveals some Talmudic secrets. [DivineCaroline]

Academy Award-winning director, Roman Polanski, was convicted and will possibly be extradited to the U.S. for drugging and sleeping with 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977. [BuzzFeed]

In their new book, Why Women Have Sex, psychologists Cindy and David Buss have collected years' worth of scientific studies and research, as well as the the voices of numerous women, in an effort to shed light on the female sexual experience. [limelife]

Some sexual experiences that women in our study reported just had devastating effects and long-lasting negative effects on their feelings of self-worth. But then for others, their sexual experiences provided the soaring height of euphoria and made them feel alive and vibrant.

New iPhone apps are now on the market for your already lazy boyfriend. They are supposed to assist in love, dating and... fapping? [Asylum]

Tucker Max responds to Courtney A.—the one-night stand who told all. [lemondrop]

Have you remembered to work out your vagina lately? Check out how the woman with the strongest vagina got hers. [TheFrisky]

Cameron Diaz recently told Cosmopolitan that she thinks kids are bad for the environment. Here are 10 more reasons why you should wait to have kids...(# 7 being You want to spend all morning in bed having sex…and all afternoon, too.) [Shine]

We've heard about about waiting to have sex, but what about waiting to KISS each other? Here's a couple that did just that. [Smitten]