What You Think Of Me...

What You Think Of Me...

A couple weeks ago a friend and I got into an argument.  A stupid argument.  I mentioned that I don't really get dressed up to go to church and he made sure to tell me how disrespectful I am of God, how I have no idea what church is even about, and how people probably look down on me for entering the sanctuary with Skechers on. 

I couldn't believe all the mean things he said, simply because I don't dress up.  It's not that I don't have nice clothes, I have plenty.  I just feel like God would rather have me prepare my heart and mind for church as opposed to spending the morning getting gussied up for 70 minutes of sitting and learning and worshipping.  How much would I learn if I was concentrating on my uncomfortable hosery?

I thought about when I went out on dates, I didn't put on`pantyhose and heels every single time.  Or half the time.  In fact, I did it maybe twice.  I guess I've come to a place in my life where I no longer consider what other people think of how I look.

And why should I?

I feel like I dress appropriate to the situation.  I shower, make my hair neat, don't wear revealing clothes, don't wear clothes with holes, so I think I've covered the major bases.  Sure, I dress a certain way for a job interview (similar to the common dress code of that employer) or a formal event, but most days can be comfortable.

If the people around me don't like the way I dress, that's their business.  They don't have to walk in my shoes, because if they did, they'd prefer the comfort of sneakers or flip-flops (because of the high-school weight room injury or the scoliosis, pick one) to the discomfort of high-heels.  They would prefer leggings to pantyhose (WHY do they even exist!!).  And they would prefer cotton tunics to body-binding suits.

I keep wondering how my clothes affect my faith.  Does God want me to spend my meager funds on dressier clothes or on my tithes?  Would He approve of the rest of the congregation judging me on my outfit?  Would he want me with a man who is so shallow as to base his opinion of me on the garments I choose?  I honestly believe that had He wanted me to dress up He would have given me a "better" sense of style.

I don't go to church to see the latest Jimmy Choos, or the cutest Coach, or the Dior.  I should hope that the other people there go for the same reason I'm going. 

But it's not just church.  When my daughter was 3 or 4 we took her to Ruth's Chris Steak House. 
It's a nice place, and apparently people put on "nice" clothes to go there.  I was wearing Jeans and a t-shirt and my daughter was in pink camouflage sweats.  It's was interesting the way people stared at us when we first came in, like we didn't belong there.  However, all of that changed once we were seated and exhibited our fine knowledge of proper dinner etiquette.  Then, we were just like everyone else.

If someone doesn't take the time to get to know me, their opinion of me is negligible in my mind.  And even if you do know me, your opinion isn't that much more important to me.  I care about the opinion of one person on this earth and that person is my daughter.  If my man doesn't like the way I dress or some other quality about me, he knows where the door is.  Same goes for all my friends and family.  But my daughter isn't so shallow as to judge me based on my attire.  She tells me every day that I'm the best mom in the world, and that means more to me than anything anyone could say.

So, no, I don't care what you think about my clothes, and I don't care what you think about me.  If your opinion of me is based solely on what you see, maybe you should peel back your own Prada and form an opinion on yourself if you can break into that closed mind of yours.