Is Ellen Pompeo's Husband Cheating With A Teen?

ellen pompeo, chris ivery

A teenager claiming to be Chris Ivery's other woman has stepped forward.

Not long ago, the gossip world was abuzz with rumors about Ellen Pompeo's marriage being on the rocks. According to Fox News, the Grey's Anatomy star's husband, Chris Ivery, was partying with other women (sans wedding ring), and seemed to have a special place in his heart for a certain brunette in particular. Read: Ellen Pompeo's Marriage On The Rocks?

But this week's issue of Star suggests that those rumors were only half true. In an exclusive interview with the gossip rag, a waitress named Rachel Artz claims that she's the one Chris, 41, was running around with and the ugly truth is that she's not a brunette at all. She's a blonde. Read: Why Men Take The Easy Way Out

Of course, that's not the most controversial part of the story. There's also the fact that she's a teenager (19). And that the secret affair between her and Chris lasted three months. And that in that time Chris took her everywhere from hotels in Miami to a private residence in Martha's Vineyard to get it on. 

All of this, according to Rachel, occurred while Ellen was carrying her and Chris's baby who will be born later this year. Rachel even claims that when she was alone with Chris, he would sometimes talk on the phone with Ellen about their baby-to-be in front of her. Read: Ellen Pompeo Is Pregnant

A rep for Ellen, 39, has denied all details of an affair, but we can't help but wonder: What would Ellen's reps even know about a secret affair? Isn't that's why it's called a secret affair?

Let's hope that if this ends up being true, that Ellen will have a stronger spine than her Grey's Anatomy character and move on before things spin further out of control.

Photo via Bauer Griffin.