First Miss Cougar USA Title Is Awarded


Cougars unite and crown their queen, so to speak.

There she is, Miss Cougar USA, your ideal older lady who likes her men young and tender.

The nation's finest, self-professed cougars gathered in Palo Alto, California this weekend to compete in the first annual Miss Cougar USA pageant. A Guide to 'Cougar Dens'

According to, 42-year-old Gloria Navarro beat out 200 other contestants to take home that honorable (?) title.

The suburban management consultant from Redwood City, Navarro had this to say about her achievement: "It’s a new beginning for me. I believe I won the title because I represent a confident, strong, successful, independent woman over the age of 40 who is comfortable in her own skin, regardless of age or weight." Five Reasons Being A Cougar Rocks

The event was part of the inaugural National Single Cougars Convention, sponsored by Rich Gosse's Society of Single Professionals. Festivities included a Cougar Ball, in which over 100 cubs (younger men) arrived to dance and be lured. However, once the party got started, it was unclear who was actually the prey. The men outnumbered the women 5 to 1, according to eyewitness accounts. Covering the Cougar Convention

One such bystander said, "I've never seen so many useless 20-year-olds in my life. This is a uniquely American phenomenon."