The Truth About Virgins

The Truth about Virgins

I'm sure most of you have seen the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin".Well, i haven't but I can guess what it's about.I'm not going to talk about virgins who are in a mid-life crisis.I'm going to talk about virgins of the younger generation.

This is the 21st century and on of the most common issues in our world is underage sex...yes, we all know it's happening.However, this isn't about having sex, it's about abstinence.There are those who choose not to have sex until marriage, those who cannot have sex due to emotional and physical barriers, and those morons who choose never to have sex at all.

We're going to discuss the first group.Let's begin by stating the advantages of being a virgin.

1. No risk of STD's [mind you, if you;re not having intercourse but are still engaging in other forms of sex such as oral sex without protection there is a chance of catching an STD].
2.Almost zero risk of being labelled as a slut/manwhore [unless the mean kids at your school/college spread a nasty rumour about you].
3.You don't have to talk to your parents about your sex life...cause it doesn't exist [duh].
4. Your chances of going to heaven are greatly increased [some religions forbid sex before marriage].Choosing to keep one's virginity is a lofty decision and requires immense willpower, especially dusring these times where teenagers are just about itching to 'get it on'...blame those darn hormones.

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