Two Women Pay $20,000 For Robert Pattinson Kisses

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But no one wants to pay to see Josh Hartnett naked.

There was a lot more being sold at Cannes this past Thursday night than movies, celebrity gossip, and red carpet photos of Angelina and Brad.

Among the unexpected items for sale? Bill Clinton's saxophone, kisses from Robert Pattinson, and a striptease courtesy of Josh Hartnett.

All part of the Foundation for AIDS Research (amFAR) auction to raise money and awareness for the foundation, these and other specialty items were sold for thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars.

Pattinson's chaste kisses on the cheeks, not suprisingly, brought in more than most pre-teens make in five summers of working at the mall. The two winning bidders each paid $20,000 for the Twilight heart throb's prized smooches.

The former president's beloved saxophone sold for quite a bit more: $130,000. And who can blame the winning bidder for going so high? Perhaps the most famous Alpine Alto in the world, it was (lest we forget) touched by the same lips once linked to a certain well-known intern, cigar, and navy blue Gap dress. 

Other items up for bid: Elton John's husband David Furnish's watch, a private screening of Inglorious Bastards, and a Chanel transporter.

The one item up for bids that didn't do so well? Josh Hartnett's striptease. Sadly, for him and for amFAR, the bids never got high enough to warrent Hartnett taking off his clothes. Blame it on the curse of Sienna Miller (we do), but we think his naked butt might have been more marketable if he'd outbid those ladies earlier in the evening for Pattinson's kisses. Sienna Miller and Josh Hartnett Possibly Dating

Oh, yes. We would pay to see that.

Photo courtesy of Splash News.