Bradley Cooper Denies Dating Jennifer Aniston


Cooper says his mother would ''love it,'' but the relationship rumors are not true.

First, they had an innocuous dinner way back in August 2007. Then in May 2009—almost two years later—Jennifer Aniston and her He's Just Not That Into You co-star, Bradley Cooper, set tongues wagging again after being spotted flirting furiously at the recent premiere of Jen's new movie, Management. (Meanwhile Cooper's ex-wife, Jennifer Esposito, was allegedly seen downing drinks at the bar.) Read: Is Bradley Cooper Jennifer Aniston's New Brad?

Now comes bad news for all those die-hard Jen fans holding their breath at the thought of Jen possibly having found her new Brad. The rumors of a relationship are completely false, and the proof comes straight from the horse's mouth. Bradley Cooper tells People magazine that he is not dating Aniston.

''I met her 3 times in my life,'' he tells the magazine, though he says he's ''flattered" by the rumors. He also goes onto say that, ''My mom loves it, but unfortunately it's not true.''

No surprises that Bradley's mom would have been thrilled with this union. Jen scored above supposed archnemesis Angelina Jolie in a recent poll on asking which woman readers would trust with their kids. Despite the fact that Jen has no kids and Angelina has six, Jen is still the girl mothers love.

And while Bradley is no race car driver (Bette Midler suggested last week that Jed get one!), he may be just the kind of man Jen needs. A down-to-earth guy who goes about his business quietly and looks avoid the paparazzi. Too bad they're denying the gossip rags the chance to splash the headline "Brad And Jen Are An Item" and have it be true for once!Read Bette Midler's Dating Advice To Jennifer Aniston