How to get her to fall for you.

How to get her to fall for you.
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You ask how to make women happy. Here are the top most important 5 things I can think of right now:

1.) Actively listen with concentration. Women get turned on through their head and feelings, not their genitals.

2.) Ask and be sincerely interested in what you talk about. Women can tell immediately whether or not you're full of crap.

3.) Tell the woman straightforwardly, honestly, and openly how you feel
about her, where you see you two going, and what you want from her. DO
THIS ONCE A MONTH AT LEAST! --Starting from the very first month, and
continuing in this fashion. This is important even if you don't like
the woman very much. It'll save her a TON of fretting and she will
still appreciate you for your communicating.

4.) Be a gentleman! Chivalry is NOT dead. Neither is gentleness, good
manners, and good personal grooming and hygiene. Huge FYI, it's the
man's job to make the first step, do the courting, seducing, and
arranging of dates. No matter what type of woman, shy, aggressive,
powerful, or rich, etc, she WILL like, respect, and appreciate you more
for doing this. (This cannot be stressed enough. Men are becoming
increasingly testicle-less as so-called modern society simultaneously
progress and regresses.)

5.) KNOW and LOVE thyself first. This way, women will too. If not, then so what. There will always be more who will.

Women, what makes you happy, horny, hateful? And do you agree/disagree with the five?