Is Justin Timberlake Ready To Move On?

Justin Timberlake

Sources say JT and Jessica Biel may not be doing as well as they appear.

If this is true, this might be sad news. Rumor has it that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who recently moved into a New York City apartment together, might not be as happy as they appear. A source close to the couple recently said, "Things are not going as smoothly as [Biel and Timberlake] would want people to think they are." Another source close to Timberlake said recently, "I can always sense when Justin is beginning to get itchy in a relationship. … While he's still very public about being seen with Jessica, it's interesting. … He hardly talks about her when she's not around. The same thing happened with Cameron [Diaz], and it also was the case with Britney [Spears]."

Other associates close to the couple have said that they’re just fine but it seems like rumors are swirling that they might be having problems. We wish the two of them the best but it sounds like one of the two of them might be crying a river sometime soon.

Scoop courtesy of Perez Hilton. Photo courtesy of Splash News.