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It's Complicated


Hi I'm Laura and I'm new to this site... I really hope I can learn and grow from the people i meet here..I have been in an open relationship with my boyfriend for a year now. It's been mostly a struggle (the open part of the relationship) I am madly in Love with him. He is so smart,fearless and the most honest person I know. I want him to myself and thats just not part of the deal and I know it.

It's exciting to think about being with others and the thrill of a new connection and the intimacy that goes with that. I have always been in relationships where the guy I'm with was so into to me thought of me as his. I am used to jelously.My boyfriend is not jelous and yet I know how deepy he cares for me.

We have Lived together for about 4 months now. For the past year and a half he has been in a relationship with a recently married woman. Her and her husband are swingers. She loves my boyfriend and they have a regular Thursday night together. Needless to say I loose my mind on thursdays. I know her and have met her husband. She is really a very good person and my boyfriend is more into there conversations sometimes than the sex they have..

I don't have what he has..I would like to though. i feel like every guy I meet once they get the whole scope of my world will run like mad.. I can't say i would do the same..


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