Nannette LaRee's: VAMP'S NOTEBOOK:


Nannette LaRee’s VAMP’S NOTEBOOK 

 This is something for you ladies(and you guys to give to your ladies)to cursor-copy and keep in your WordPerfect Files for later reference or to I’ve taken what is listed below from two years of my newsletter, Sensual Seductress Monthly, and posted this to offer some pleasurable ideas that’ll wreck wicked havoc into any lackluster Romantic existence. Indeed, I am a Sexual Anthropologist, constantly seeking inspiration that’ll entice and revive the Romantic lives of women...especially when three of my girl-friends just this last week have informed me that they are all getting a divorce: one whom has been married for three years informed me that the sex/romance was dead in her Romantic Relationship after five-months in to her marriage, and another is now in her third divorce...sigh* So, whether you’re swinging single or heart-deep in to a Romantic Relationship...I’m only aspiring to spread a little Lust into a veryyyyyyyyyy sexually humdrum world. 

What romance means to Your Man
: Oral sex*Any ticket to a sporting event*You…naked*An evening away from you playing poker with his buddies with no text-message or cell phone interruptions from you*A massage from you that leads to sex*Taking him to test drive a Viper*Oral sex*A sexy text message with a late-night follow-through on the sexy suggestion*Caveman food~~~lots of fatty meat and none of that reduced-fat-crap*A bloody action movie and not an emotional chick flick*Oral sex. Oh, and did I mention: Oral Sex!

Europeans know how to hook-up for pleasurable&excellent sex in their Romantic Relationships…doesn’t matter if they’ve been with someone for two-years or twenty-years…sex comes First! Europeans have a much more relaxed and enjoyable life than nearly all Americans…because Europeans Know The Principle is Pleasure…and that negating to keep one’s hand-in for ‘the good sex’ fatally messes with a Romantic Relationship's MoJo; I learned that Fact a long time ago…which is why I determined to continually give my man the Paramount in Intimacy: the sweetest or the most-twisted one-on-one sex (depending on The Mood!)...regardless of what was happening between Us on a daily basis. Ladies, I highly recommend that you try thinking like a European chick when it comes to sex and that you should begin your transformation by stepping-out on the USA and getting some naughty goodies from the UK!

You should go online to, and put your first name into the box, pick your gender and then choose the Avatar that best describes how you see yourself sexually, and then hit send. Mine was: “N.A.N.N.E.T.T.E.: Nocturnal Amorous Nonconformist Needing Erotic Touches and Thrilling Embraces”. Well, damn! Who’da thought that a computer-chip could know me sooooooooo precisely! Now, go to the website and see what yours is. Come on, it’s fun!

Throw a Bad Girl Party~~~my good friend, Renee, owns the site, which is one of the finest online companies that cater to women who want to throw private parties to sell sexual-girly things for clandestine bedroom fun. These intimate parties that are thrown in private homes have many different names, like ‘slumber parties’ or ‘tea parties’~but the purpose is all the same: to introduce you to the opportunity to remove the blah out of your romantic relationship. So, go to one of these parties or throw one yourself!

 Absolute Essentials for your Bedroom Box: a mellow CD with exclusive songs you’ve downloaded off the internet just for sex; breath mints for Before and After; two chilled mini bottled waters; a mini flashlight (so you won’t break the mood by switching on the light when searching in your Bedroom Box for all those naughty goodies); unscented baby wipes (you can sooo figure this one out on your own!). 

Give him a Happy Ending Massage: rub him from neck-to-heel, head-to-toe, and then finish him off with a well-lubricated hand job. Learn to speak sexy sentences in foreign languages such as Russian, French, Italian or Spanish~~~and master the accents by checking-out tapes from your local library. Surprise him with your chic sex-talk on a special evening of your choice. 

 Every few months in every-other chick magazine, one of the many relationship experts will write a serious article denouncing ‘the bar/club scene’, and how searching for a mate in that depravity-of-a-location will only lead to horrendous emotional disaster. Now, I am not a bar/club scene kinda chick, mostly because I can’t stand all that smoke in my hair; and I do agree that you have a better chance of finding a lasting STD than a lifetime mate in a bar/club, but hey, that’s only my opinion and not an actual fact and besides, I really think that too many experts spoil the drink! Because if you’re a single gal who’s still looking, sometimes it’s just about your lusty bod and not about your romantic emotions! And where better to find lust, than in a dank bar or glitzy night club that just screams