3 Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts

sexy valentine's gifts

Valentine's Day is a great excuse for trying a new sex toy.

Valentine's Day is this Saturday. Have you made your reservations, picked out your lingerie and stocked up on condoms? Wait, did we hear you say that you haven't made plans? You haven't even bought a gift? Stop the presses, this just in: some women aren't into romance!

If you love V-Day you started making plans weeks ago. If you don't care about Cupid's big day Saturday'll pass like any other weekend night (just don't try to go to a restaurant). But what if you're in the middle—you're not into the whole chocolates and roses thing, but you'd kinda like to do something special? How about making the day especially sexy? Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to try out a new position, enact your fantasy, or buy a new sex toy. Below are Love Buzz's three picks for a fun, sexy Valentine's day. They start pretty G-rated and end in out-of-control pleasure… literally.

Sexy Love Sox. If you can get past the name these little guys could be your ticket into foot-massage heaven. The socks show you how to stimulate your erogenous zones using reflexology, the idea that the entire human body is influenced by the soles of your feet. A map on the bottom of the socks is supposed to correspond to certain areas of your body, and they stretch so they should fit both dainty and gorilla-sized tootsies. The packaging explains reflexology and includes a "6-minute seduction" line-up that instructs you to "press each area in the following order." Click here for more info or to buy.

Form 6. Single this V-day and want to treat yourself to a delicious new vibrator? Or perhaps you're coupled, and you want to add a little reverberation to your love-making? No matter what you're going for, the Form 6 is an excellent vibrator, and it's out in pink, just in time for the holiday.

This vibe is smooth, so any surface can be bused for pleasure, and it's curved for perfect G-spot stimulation. The best part, though, is that unlike normal vibrators that only pulsate at one end, this baby shakes it up at both ends and each side has its own controller, so you can pleasure both inside and out at the same time but with different intensities. Plus, it's waterproof. What more could you ask for? Click here for more info or to buy.

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