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Katy Perry Backtracks on Celibacy Claim

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The singer would rather die than go without sex for a year.

We reported recently that Grammy-nominated singer Katy Perry had said she was taking a vow of celibacy after her breakup with Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy. Well, the singer was evidently just kidding. In a recent interview with OK!, the singer backtracks on her original no sex comment, saying, "Celibacy for a whole year? Are you kidding? I’d rather die. I’m a continual prankster and a jokester. I don’t think people realize how silly I can be. I said that as a joke." 

Well, that’s a relief. Someone on our own staff of writers actually took three years off of having sex to rid herself of an emotionally unavailable man habit and while that may be extreme, sometimes taking a break is exactly what you need. Then again, a little healthy sex never hurt anybody so we’re all for Katy getting out there and getting some. Will she kiss a girl next? Stay tuned. 

Scoop courtesy of OK! Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.



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