Morning News Feed, Tues, Nov 18th

Morning News Feed, Tues, Nov 18th

Scarring is hot, Malaysian women without pants and sex in small cars.

Good morning all! Here is what's going on today in the world of love and relationships.

Wondering what guys think of you if you put out easily? Well, Steve Santagati, author of The Manual answers the question on Dear Sugar.

Do you like a man who looks like he just fought in battle? According to Science Daily, women find scarring on men attractive most likely because they associate it with bravery. Sorry Heidi Klum, but we might have to take Seal off your hands.

Over at Marie Claire, Sex and the Single Guy claims that we are constantly repeating emotional mistakes. Some common emotional mishaps we tend to make are: taking them back, staying with the bastard (AKA "I can change him/her") and mistaking physical intimacy for emotional intimacy.

Reuters says that Malaysia doesn't want women wearing pants. Pants lead to tomboyishness which leads to promiscuity. Ergo, make women wear skirts and they will cease to be promiscuous.

Sexuality Happens is reporting that features extremely hot and "real" lesbians getting it on together. The women on the site are of different races, ages, and body types.

Although most men can't stand it, verbal communication is necessary in relationships. Or so says the user Spoonage over at  Divine Caroline. Although men and women are completely different (Mars and Venus, anyone?), if they can't verbally communicate, the relationship will most likely screech to a halt.

Take Sassy Bean's 12 Signs That He's the One into consideration if you are on the fence about your dude. Number 6 says that your guy should compliment you. If he tells you that you look like you've lost weight then you'll know he's a keeper.

Our pals over at the Daily Bedpost provide insight on whether having a one-night stand is actually worth it. They say that if you separate sex from love, use protection, are honest with your partner (and yourself) about your expectations and you are respectful, then there's no reason why you can't enjoy a casual fling. True, very true.

If you're cruising around in a Mini-Cooper and have a hard time gettin' down and dirty due to limited space, The Frisky has four positions for small-car sex. Our fave? Position number 1--The Passenger Seat Cowgirl. Perfect for cars with front seats only. Have your dude put his seat as far back as it can go, and make sure you wear a skirt!

So since this seems to be a number day (12 Signs That He's the One, Four Positions for Small-car Sex), we figured we'd wrap it up with 9 Signs He is Cheating. Shine shares this news from Rich Santos at Marie Claire. We've heard a lot of these tips before; however, an important one that Santos mentions is "Your Gut Tells You So." If something feels off, don't ignore that feeling.