Rate Your Sex Positions!

rate sex positions

Rankings and ratings aren't just for Netflix or GoodReads anymore. Now you can waste some time at Men.Style.com (the site for two of our favorite mags, GQ and Details) ranking the "reverse cowgirl," "stand and carry," "the wheelbarrow" and other heterosexual nookie positions. Whoever's crafting the sex positions out of those wooden art school models and photographing 'em has the best job in the world, hands down.

So "doggy-style" is on top with 3,000+ votes of approval and something terrifying called "the trapeze" sex position languishes at the very end. What is this "trapeze" position? At first glance it looks uncomfortable, but once you say the words "it works best in a soundproof room," my interest is piqued!

Something to try this weekend, perhaps? Get rankin', Tango readers.

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