Fetishes Make The World Go Round

Fetishes Make The World Go Round

The Great Big Chart of Fetishes: public nudity, panties, ponyplay and more.

Today the Daily Bedpost turns us on to The Great Big Chart of Fetishes, a color-coded flow-chart of sorts, listing and linking various kinky sexual proclivities to one another. (The chart is photo-free and safe for work, unless you've got an eagle-eyed boss, or a screen that projects onto a wall—hey, it happens.)

Some of the preferences on the chart are widespread, or at least we've heard of them, and some are, shall we say, less common.  Major categories and themes listed are…

Classic SM, including spanking, bondage, branding, suspension, burning, electrical shock—not sure when those last four became "classic," but whatevs;

Clothing, including lingerie, military gear, shoes, stockings and the ever-popular angora sweater fetish;

Medical Procedures like catheterization, castration, saline injections and infibulation. Had to look this last one up; it appears to be "genital cutting." Yikes. On to something more friendly…

Furvets, a category that includes toonies, plushies, fursuiters and werewolves;

Orgasmic Explosions, which includes fireworks, firesetting, A-bombs, breaking dishes, popping plastic bags, and the sexiest of all, popping zits.

The chart has symbols for those practices that attract "notably high ratio of female fetishists." These include lactation, belly/butt expansion, sneeze fetish, vore (the desire to be eaten or to watch others get chomped—cannibals are very female-friendly), rubber mackintoshes, half-men, santa suits, dogs and dolphins. There's more, but our brains are in overdrive trying to conjure images of all these activities.

Suffice to say, the world is strange, to each her own, etc. etc.; we're just happy our boyfriends aren't aroused by toe jam, sheep or bird neck wringing. (But we'd still love you, promise.)