Blogger Crush: Always Aroused Girl

Blogger Crush: Always Aroused Girl

Blogger Crush: AAG
LoveStage: Divorced & Starting Over

AAG, aka Always Aroused Girl, is the blog of a midwestern mother, recent divorcee and sexpert. At the end of this month her blog will be three years old, and if you visit before September 15 you can enter her contest to win a bevy of sex toys from Babeland.

But it's not just sex toy giveaways that have us crushing on AAG (although she does give away quite a bit of swag). We love her blog's down-to-earth mix of sexuality, motherhood, and general life observations.

AAG posts about things like telling her kids to eat their stuffing and grapes, wishing men would be truthful about their penis size in online profiles, figuring out COBRA healthcare, procrastinating work on her book proposal and watching herself in the mirror while having anal sex. The writing is clear, thoughtful and reminds us that women can be the sexy babe, responsible mom, desirous lover and smart writer all at once.

As personal blogs go, it doesn't get much better than AAG, and for that, she is our blogger crush.

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