Orgasm In A Bottle

orgasm gel

Female orgasm gels talk a big game; but do they deliver?

Women for whom an orgasm can be more work than fun have a bevy of options waiting in the wings these days: lubricants, sex toys, G-spot shots, and now orgasm gels, among others. According to, the average woman's orgasm lasts 28 seconds but can be extended to last up to 107 seconds.

The Durex Play O gel, for example, boasts easier and better orgasm achievement, according to the company's French ads. While not yet available in the US, there are several other products like Play O already on the market, such as Orgasmix and Climatique.

The active ingredient in all three products is L-arginine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in our systems to help produce relaxed blood vessels and improve circulation–clearly a helpful reaction for sexual stimulation. Application of the gel also produces a cooling sensation, which sounds a lot like the effects of Icy Hot on sore muscles; I'll leave you to rate the pleasure factor of that analogy.

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The FDA has yet to review any of these products, and they are not safe to use while pregnant. While an elusive female orgasm often requires more attention than a mere physical stimulant, these gels might be worth a try for those seeking an extra boost in the sack.