comScore’s Top Dating Sites

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And PlentyOfFish.com is number 1. Weird.

Have you checked out PlentyOfFish.com lately? If not, you are in the minority. Almost inexplicably, comScore (one of many web statistic auditing agencies) showed that POF Dot Com was the most visited dating site in North America. And from there the list gets a little goofy. Singlesnet.com came in after POF Dot Com. The rest of the top 5 rounded out as expected with showings from eHarmony, Match.com, and Yahoo Personals. But things get a little goofy as we move push back the top 10, according to Beta News. It's free!

So, is comScore to be trusted? Are Canadians going to some really weird sites that totally throw off Norte Americano's numbers? How about the UK? PO Fish is also the most visited dating site on Great Britain. At any rate, it looks like the dude (there is like 5 employees) at Plenty O' Fish is actually the first person to figure out how to make money on the web. Good effort, Markus Frind. If we were at all inclined to go on electronic dates, we would totally give you a try.