Man Needs Kissing Lessons

Man Needs Kissing Lessons

Never been kissed...for real.

We wish we had found this first, but Fox News reported on an Atlanta area student looking for kissing lessons. We’re not kidding. And neither is he. Twenty-year-old Michael McCarty is prepping for the first time he and his girlfriend of five years will meet face to face (ah, the Internet age), yet he’s worried about his lack of make-out experience. So it’s time to cram. With anyone who will help him. C’mon Atlanta ladies, any takers???

The poor kid's never been kissed. And after five years of online chatting, that first lip lock might have me a little worried, too. The worst part? The girlfriend told him a major turn-off is…guys who don’t know how to kiss. Ugh. Talk about pressure. Perhaps he could take a cue from our Art of Kissing Guide

So if you’re in the area and willing to help a guy out, check out his craigslist posting.

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