Mariah Got A Prenup & A Tat

Mariah Got A Prenup & A Tat

So we know a few things about Mariah Carey: 1) Paul Mooney says that she prefers black men and her relationships with Eminem and Tommy Mottola pretty much cemented that; 2) she's, inexplicably, had more #1 hits than everyone but the Beatles; 3) Glitter showed that actressing wasn't her strongest skill; 4) her episode of Cribs proved to America that she is sexy-ish, rich, and kooky Mariah; and 5) she married Nick Cannon last week, also inexplicably.

But The Superficial is reporting that Mimi is a quick-ish study. After losing out on the Mottola divorce, she had Nick Cannon sign a prenup. And had some quote about people that don't prenup are smoking something. We assume she means opium because even potheads get prenups (if they bother to get married, the hippies). We read a quote (and we'll paraphrase, por supuesto) the other day from Salman Rushdie about women loving weddings but being lukewarm on marriage. And we think that his 4 divorces may have slightly tainted his view on the institution of matrimony (there's a Ms. Right out there Mr. R, keep tryin'). But maybe it partially explains some rushed celebrity nuptials. And the 'Mrs. Cannon' tat that Mariah got on her back, per Hollyscoop. Eeeesh. Becks was with Posh for a good number of years before he got her picture tatted on his body.

Believe it or not, the prenup makes us feel waaaay better about the Mariah-Nick Cannon experience. They're just a couple of good-looking, talented kids out having a crazy time and don't need all the high-stakes pressure. The tattoo, on the other hand, is pretty serious and limits the rest of her life-partners to people with the last name of 'Cannon.' Sure, this moves him up a tax-bracket or 2, but his solo prospects are a teensy bit better than, say, K-Fed the potent. So any gigolo accusations are inaccurate, Nick Cannon pays his own way. We just pray that Cannon and Da Brat can get along. She's a tough, sensitive cookie and she'll coldcockee.

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