Top 50 Sex Myths

sex myths

Last week, the Daily Bedpost posted a list of 50 statements often (but, according to them, falsely) assumed true when it comes to sex.

Below, we've listed a few examples that the Bedpost deemed mythical, along with previously published Tango articles that either support or contradict the claim.

Bedpost Myth # 4. Gentlemen should always pay for dinner.

Disagree. Though it seems counter-intuitive (and somewhat hard to swallow) to the liberated 21st-century woman, a recent survey revealed that almost 50 percent of women kinda/sorta want men to pay.

Bedpost Myth #14. Your lover should be your best friend.

Agree. We'll see your Myth #14 and raise you a "your husband shouldn't be your best friend" claim. Psychologist and relationship expert, Esther Perel, challenges the idea of a mate fulfilling every role and claims that keeping a sense of mystery in marriage helps keep it hot.

Bedpost Myth # 21. Drunken dialing, ex sex and office romances are always bad ideas.

Agree. Dress codes aren't the only things to have become more lax around the office, and while intoxicated dialing and ex sex might be complicated, their proverbial barks are sometimes worse than their bites.

Bedpost Myth # 22. Sex is a failure if you don't climax.

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Disagree. While many women reportedly can't orgasm from intercourse alone, there's also the Jenny Block camp of thinking: You are responsible for your own orgasm. The real failure isn't in not achieving, it's about being too inhibited to really try.