Study: Bisexual Women Are Not Lesbians


A study published by the American Psychological Association recognizes that women can maintain a long-term attraction to both genders. This study, done over 10 years, was intended to refute the myth that bisexual women were lesbians trying to straddle the fence between societal expectations and their true feelings. It also shows that bisexual women are able to commit to long-term relationships.

There were 79 women that took part in the study (10 too many? WOOOOO). Essentially, these women checked in five times over the 10-year period. The bisexual and unlabeled women were more likely to change their preference over the period than lesbians, but typically switched back to their original status. The study was led by Dr. Lisa Diamond of the University of Utah. And she didn’t mention if any of them were ‘just doing this to get attention from boys.’

We bet that the GLBT community is breathing a collective sigh of relief that someone has finally approved their orientation. Maybe Logo will even do a special on this. When asked if she plans on doing a follow up study on men, Dr. Diamond will probably say, “Nope. Pretty sure they’re gay. Or sometimes drunk.” Read more from The Daily Telegraph

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