In London, First Sex Theme Park Opened

In London, First Sex Theme Park Opened

From The Sun By Dave Masters

A SPANKOMETER, an orgasm tunnel and a giant wall of willies - roll up, roll up, for the world's first-ever 'sex theme park', opening today in London.

The adults-only Amora Academy of Sex and Relationships is an all-singing, all-dancing look at getting your leg over - and the rest.

It's not quite Disney with dildos, but more The Tate Modern on Viagra.

It's packed with state-of-the-art, interactive attractions, including a stripping masterclass, a voyeur's peep wall and a video display about the ins and outs of oral sex.

Couples romp on screens all around you, in all sorts of scenarios - in flats, in threes and in cars.

Tango’s Take First of all, these guys are TOTALLY missing their audience. “Adults Only?” Wouldn’t this be ideal for teenagers? “Not getting any? Just need a few pointers? Like to see and touch naughty bits? Come on down to the Amora Academy of Sex AND Relationships.” Granted that people into this type of…uh, amorous entertainment spend big bucks. But typically their ‘vice’ is between them and the owner of the neighborhood sex shop. On the other hand, this does look somewhat educational. Field trip, anyone?

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