Deputy Charged With DUI After Husband Pulls Her Over Twice


ELKO, Nev. —  An off-duty Elko County sheriff's deputy was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol after her husband, a fellow deputy, pulled her over.

Charlotte Moore, 36, Spring Creek, was arrested in Elko at 11:41 p.m. Saturday. She was released at 1:47 a.m. on Sunday and placed on paid administrative leave, Elko County Undersheriff Rocky Gonzalez said.

Moore, a jail deputy who has been on staff for 11 years, was off duty driving her 2004 Pontiac Grand Am when she was initially pulled over by her husband, Elko County Sheriffs Deputy Mike Moore, a police report said.

In two separate accounts of the incident, Mike Moore indicated she initially was pulled over for either speeding or making an illegal turn, according to the report.

She allegedly left before being administered a portable breathalyzer test, the Elko Daily Free Press reported.

Mike Moore pulled her over again and called the Elko Police Department for backup. He left shortly after officer Shane Daz arrived. Elko Police Department Sgt. Mark Butterfield was also on scene.

Tango’s Take
You ever think that sometimes things are really about other things? You know? Sometimes you take stuff out on the people at home because work isn’t great. And sometimes you don’t want your wife to go to some wine walk because she always comes home with some idea that you should be ‘there for her more,’ or maybe she pees the bed when she’s had a few too many drinks. And it’s not like you specifically asked her not to go, because no one wants to deal with that crap storm. Then you see her car on the way back and decide to have a little fun with her and turn on the sirens. So you pull her over and she is being a bitch from the word ‘go.’ After a minute or two she decides your authority as a peace officer don’t mean nothing to her and takes off. At which point you have to pull her over again and call for back up. See, it probably wasn’t about someone driving under the influence; that was just the result. You gotta understand the prologue to all this.
We’re willing to bet that there is going to be a touch of tension around the Moore household. ‘Hon, do you mind picking up my suit from the dry cleaner?’ ‘What if I don’t, are you going to plant a pound of hash on me?’
We also wonder how the Fifth Amendment is going to shake out on this one. It allows people to refuse to testify against their spouses. We wonder if that supercedes his police duty. We also wonder if some other stuff is going to come out in a trial. Embarrassing police stuff.

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