10 Fashion And Beauty Must-Haves

10 Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves

Take your look from day to night with these essential items!

1. High heels. Plain and simple – nothing makes a woman feel sexier. Plus they go with virtually everything. So spice up that plain suit by slipping on a pair and watch your confidence strut.

2. Sleek fitting pants. One word – practical. With so many variations and styles out there, pants are no longer simple. Match it with a cute colorful top or tunic.

3. Jewelry. Flashy and fun. Adding bangles, a necklace, earrings, or a ring could make that outfit shine. Just don't wear them all at once.

4. Headband. Yes, they're making a comeback, but no longer with athletic gear. Style it with a cute messy up-do or to hide your growing out bangs. Either way you'll look cute.

5. Cardigans. They're not just for librarians and your Grandmother anymore. Cardigans can be the triple threat – stylish, sophisticated, and sexy. Wear it over a camisole or a flirty blouse.

6. Flirty blouse. Perfect for a day in the office and a night out on the town. Team it up with a pair of jeans, a skirt, or pants. The flirty part – we'll leave that up to you.

7. Dress. Whether you wear the little black dress, the metallic mini or the red wrap dress – we bet next morning you'll be the topic of conversation at the water cooler.

8. Lipstick. Dolce Vita, Bourdeau Velvet, Toasted Sugar, Sheer Cherry Blossom. Lipstick is the all time must-have product. Not only will it give you that extra glam factor, but it might also land those pretty pouty lips…a kiss.

9. Shimmer. “You’re glowing.” Get used to this statement because you'll be hearing it the whole night. From lotion, powder, or spray these shimmer products will have you twinkling the night away.

10. Stylish bag. Clutches, satchels, totes, or shoulder bags –an outfit isn’t complete until you match it with a stylish bag.

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So put on that cardigan, toss that shimmer in your bag, grab a pair of high heels…and get ready to have some fun!