3 Zodiac Signs Unlock Their Psychic Gifts During The 2024 Pisces Season

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Intriguing wonders and whimsical joys await us during the 2024 Pisces season from February 19 to March 20.

Of course, most people stand to gain some form of spiritual transcendence during this period if they are so inclined. But only a few will discover hidden talents and gifts under the Pisces sun — and that includes psychic ones!



Here are three zodiac signs that will unlock psychic gifts during the 2024 Pisces season.

1. Aries will experience heightened intuition during Pisces season.

The energy available to people with Aries sun, moon, Mars and/or Jupiter is extremely potent right now. We have the North Node in Aries after all. Plus, with Chiron also here, all Aries-dominants are guaranteed massive transformation and growth at this time — and this includes purging of old wounds and becoming stronger from within.

Given all this, it's no surprise that the 2024 Pisces season will cause Aries to have heightened intuition and maybe even enhanced claircognizance. It's a prerequisite when one is on one's hero's journey — how else will you slay your dragons, evade the death traps, and emerge victorious in the end?

Aries can lean into this cosmic gift by incorporating a grounding ritual into their daily life at this time. It can be a simple tea-drinking ritual in the evening, focused breathing in the morning, or relaxing meditation or yoga. Just pick the habit that makes the most sense for your life and routine, and don't overwhelm yourself with more than one! If you feel called to, you can work with lapis lazuli, larimar, calcite, honey calcite, and rose quartz crystals to enhance your intuition, too.

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2. Pisces sun, moon and Venus signs will unlock psychic gifts.

If you are a Pisces sun or have your moon and/or Venus in Pisces, be prepared for an intriguing month ahead during the 2024 Pisces season. Most of you, if not all, will unlock psychic gifts at this time. And those who already know they have such gifts will experience them with greater intensity.

Pisces Venus can especially look forward to the portion of this season in March. Your manifestation powers will be heightened then and so will your good luck. Plus, did you know that you can tune into your Venus sign's energy to make your manifestation rituals more potent?



For Venus in Pisces (as well as Pisces moon), the best way is to tap into their emotions and allow their creative inner child to express itself freely through art. Even if the produced work means nothing to everyone else or is coded for secrecy, you will know exactly what you wished for and what it means to you. And this is an excellent way to build your psychic powers, too!

Also, because of the subconscious nature of Pisces, some of you may experience past-life recollections through dreams and déjà vus. Don't ignore these! Interacting with them and the symbols that stand out to you will help you sensitize your psychic senses.

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3. Taurus will engage with their psychic abilities without realizing it.

Taurus and Pisces have a beneficial sextile relationship between them. But that's not the only reason why Taurus will discover hidden psychic gifts this Pisces season. The bigger reason is the relationship between the transiting Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus. These outer planets are making this time deeply significant for Taurus, both personally and in their relationship with the collective.

Plus, Jupiter is also in Taurus at this time. So any psychic gifts you unearth now will directly help you strengthen your standing in the world through your finances, personal possessions and sense of style. Some of you may discover a more maverick side to your personality through this, but it will only seem maverick to you at first. Over time you will realize your psychic gifts were helping you add more interests, hobbies and skills to your repertoire, thus improving the quality of your life.

If you wish to lean into your psychic side this Pisces season, you will benefit from working with clear quartz, Labradorite, Rhodochrosite and Lazurite. Prince Rupert's Drop may have a beneficial effect on you too (but it's not a crystal).

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