8 Zodiac Placements That Desperately Want To Be Loved (But Would Never Say So)

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Many, if not most, people want to find love at some point in their lives. In fact, according to University of Chicago professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience Stephanie Cacioppo, “Love is a biological necessity, just like water or exercise or food.” 

That said, not all of us would admit to being on a search for love, and as human design astrologer Kelsey Crookshanks explained in a TikTok video, that may be due to your specific zodiac placements.



Zodiac placements that desperately want love, but just aren’t going to admit it

The moon in astrology rules our emotions and what we are comfortable with on an inner level, while Venus rules love and the type of person we are attracted to as well as how we love others. Looking at these placements can give insight into how we really feel about love.

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1. Scorpio moon

Scorpio is the most intense zodiac sign on an emotional level as well as the sign that rules the eighth house of sex. Scorpio is also known as the most secretive of signs and it takes a long time to gain the trust of a Scorpio, let alone tell their deepest secrets.



A defining characteristic of having a Scorpio moon is their intense desire and passion. A Scorpio moon is always going to try and find someone who can match their energy and reciprocate their deep feeling, although it is in their nature to be secretive, especially about something this personal.

2. Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio is the most passionate of Venus signs, although Venus in Scorpio is considered to be ‘at its detriment,’ which means the energy of Venus is not always directed in the proper manner.



Nevertheless, Venus in Scorpio natives are always searching for love whether they say so or not. In many cases, it is the most important thing to them regardless of how they act.

3. Venus in Leo

The Leo Venus can be in love with love. A defining characteristic of any planet in Leo, including Venus, is pride. Anyone with a Venus in Leo is happiest when they have a lover that pays a great deal of attention to them.



As a matter of fact, they crave love and in many cases live for it!  Many a Leo Venus has left a partner because of coolness or lack of attention. They may not admit it, but love is at the top of their list.

4. Venus in Aquarius

The Aquarius Venus can come across as cool and distant at times. They may never mention love, but rest assured they want to find love in someone special. The problem for Aquarius Venus is they like to start out as friends and sometimes remain this way for a while, giving the impression they aren’t interested in love, when deeply inside they are.



Aquarius is known as a quirky sign and they may not go straight to romance (although they could go straight to the bedroom). Friendship and love are often much the same for this sign.

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5. Virgo moon

A person with a Virgo moon can come across as being very put together, efficient and business-like, which may cause some people to believe they aren’t into romance as much as others.



While they may not admit it, Virgo moon is looking for love with a partner who is steady and reliable. They are typically not into lots of flings but if they don't have something solid, they don't want anything at all.

6. Venus in Virgo

In Virgo, Venus is considered ‘at its fall,’ which means the energy is not completely happy in this sign. Venus in Virgo is very discriminating about who they connect with, sometimes giving the impression they are so picky that they will never find or want love. This is simply not the case. 



The fact is they do want love, but with someone they consider perfect for them, or not at all. Should they find the right person, they will be devoted.

7. Venus in Capricorn

The Capricorn Venus can come across as not very warm or romantic at times and they are typically not someone who is going to express their deepest desires to many people. They approach love slowly and cautiously as they don’t like to be hurt, but they have a great desire for love and recognition.



Venus in Capricorn is also generally attracted to partners who have or are willing to work hard for a solid material life. Capricorn in general is considered a workaholic who spends little time on frivolous activities, but if they find the right partner, in all likelihood it will be lasting, which is what they are looking for — whether they are willing to verbalize it or not.

8. Venus in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Venus may come across as though they never want to settle down, leading others to sometimes believe they will spend their life jumping from relationship to relationship, and they seldom give the impression of wanting to ‘settle down.’ Sagittarius is a mutable sign which makes it changeable and restless. This combination lives for adventure and fun as well as new experiences. Commitment is not easy for them and they often turn friends into lovers with their bright and fun-loving personalities.



When they do find their intellectual and adventuresome match, however (which may not be easy), they are loving and loyal, which may surprise those around them.

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