What It Means If You Have Black Moon Lilith In Scorpio In Your Birth Chart

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lilith in scorpio

Black Moon Lilith is one of the more interesting placements in our chart.

Unlike the other personal planets, Lilith is not a luminary or planet but a point in our chart. The position of Lilith in our chart shows where we revolt, defy, and assert ourselves. 

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with.

Because Lilith can represent the other side of the Moon, the unseen, it could also show the traits we might have hidden from the peering eyes of the public. Transits, natal aspects, and synastry placements can activate our Lilith.

The themes of the house that it inhabits will also be magnified for the native.

While the Moon portrays our emotional vulnerability, the need for stability, and a look into what early childhood factors have done for us, Black Moon Lilith represents an opposing force, a shattering or a breaking down of what our natal Moon’s purpose might be.

Black Moon Lilith is linked to the dark, the taboo and it is known as the shadow side. Lilith in our chart can represent a form of transformative energy that can be channeled when aspected by other planets or if there is a transit that activates it.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio meaning

People with natal Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio are fiercely independent, warriors, and fearless.

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Lilith represents transformative energy, but when this point is in the sign of Scorpio, the Plutonian and Martian energies seem magnified. Those with Lilith in Scorpio can be very controlling, demanding, and ruthless when betrayed.

On the positive side, they will naturally overcome challenges and know their limits. It is a placement that makes the native constantly learn from past experiences. They get stronger with time.

However, their grudges and sensitivity will make them not tolerate any forms of opposition or betrayals.

This is a placement that can help the natives triumph in any area that they desire, as long as they understand how to channel this energy in a way that will bring them good instead of drama.

Self-control is important here since Lilith will want to exert their dominance and power. Creating a balance will enable them to be more successful and less inclined to get persuaded by their passions.

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Lilith in Scorpio’s effects on relationships

Black Moon Lilith will impact relationships if the placement is aspected in synastry.

If a malefic planet is aspecting Lilith, it will be a different tone compared to benefic aspects. Malefics in synastry can bring out the darker parts of our psyche and Lilith is no exception.

Lilith-Pluto can make the native have a Persephone and Hades dynamic with their partner and vice versa while Lilith-Mars can have the native in competition to the point of the drive. But a Lilith-Venus can be a transformative placement that can push the relationship to new heights.

The natives with this placement want a relationship that is fun, passionate, and entices them. They want a partner that can follow their lead, someone that they can captivate and bring to their world to transform. Relationships with Lilith in Scorpio natives are intense.

Because they are used to the transformations Pluto brings, a relationship that can bring them stability will keep them interested. When they are in relationships, the native with this placement knows what they want in a partner but will not be as trusting.

Because Lilith is in Scorpio, it can make them behave like detectives when they are in relationships, constantly searching for proof that there is something wrong happening. If they do not trust a partner, it can be challenging for them to keep their guard down.

Finding someone they can rely on is imperative for them for any relationship to last.

The natives with this placement are attracted to ambitious people that can allow them to reach their goals and dreams. However, they still want to maintain the upper hand in the relationship whether they admit to it or not.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio values someone responsible with an excellent work ethic, honesty, and a good heart. Their partner should represent the positive things that they would like to achieve.

For them to evolve, heal and grow, a partner that motivates them to change and drop their walls will make them trust and feel secure.

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