The Astrologer's Guide To Parenting A Pisces Child

Parenting a Pisces child is a unique experience.

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The most important thing to know about a Pisces child is how sensitive and creative they really are, as evidenced by the number of musicians, artists and actors this sign produces.

Pisces is a water sign, and all water signs are sensitive but especially the Pisces child. These children are quick to internalize their feelings if they believe they are not being heard or marginalized in some way. Pisces is the ultimate daydreamer and idealist and they spend a great deal of time in their own head if they are not drawn out by others. Their imagination takes top priority and must be channeled in a positive manner by understanding parents or guardians if they are to flourish in life.


How to parent a Pisces child

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Give them plenty of love.

Since your child is so sensitive the most important thing they will need is a great deal of love and attention, even more so than other children. They are naturally tender and kind and a Pisces baby may want to be held and cuddled non-stop until they are older.


Being the most sensitive kid on the block, they may bring friends in need of love and affection into the house, along with all of the stray animals they will instinctively feel sorry for. If they are raised in a positive and caring environment they will feel strong empathy and compassion for others and not be afraid to show it.

Foster their creativity.

Your Pisces child will probably show a vivid imagination and creativity at a very early age. Your child will need an outlet for his or her imagination and all of their creativity which may seem limitless. After all, one of Pisces' ruling planets is Neptune, the planet of imagination and creativity. (The other planetary ruler is Jupiter). As a result, the Pisces child will need an outlet for all of this natural energy whether it is through art, music, painting, drawing or something else.

Being highly imaginative, they may also make up stories to either impress or get a reaction from so it will be important to discover when your Pisces child is telling the truth and when their imagination is behind the story. If the child’s Mercury is in Pisces, this will be even more the case.

Be gentle with your criticisms.

It’s quite easy to hurt the feelings of a Pisces child and, as sensitive as they are, this could have broader implications in the long run. A Pisces toddler may get upset or mad at the drop of a hat. It is important to remember that your child is special being a Pisces and will not respond well to yelling, screaming or overly emotional confrontations. It will be necessary to develop a calm but firm manner in correcting the Pisces child so they do not internalize their feelings.


This will be harder to do if the parent is an Aries or another fire sign, but not doing so could result in a withdrawn and unhappy child.

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Be mindful of your emotions.

Pisces is one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and from an early age, your Pisces child may show his or her intuition, especially when picking up on other people’s feelings. They can easily sense when something is off or wrong and they are often attuned to the parent’s feelings, for better or worse. Their hunches are typically correct so it is important to remember that if you are going through a difficult time, your child will experience your feelings to a large degree.

The absolutely worst environment for a Pisces child would be to be in the middle of a combative relationship or with hostile or combative parents. This can leave scars for life.


Encourage them.

You may have to help your Pisces child come out of his or her shell at times because they are naturally shy as a rule. Of course, there could be other aspects in the chart that could change this, but shyness is typically part of their basic nature.

You may be challenged in terms of learning not to try and control them but rather direct them in a positive and fruitful manner. While you may have the desire to take charge or take action, your Pisces child tends to go where the flow of life takes them, typically relying on their own intuition to get them there, and most of the time (especially as they get older) you will find they are correct.

So, instead of rushing into things with a can-do attitude like a fire sign might, the Pisces child may take his time, shy away from certain people more than others, or take a longer time to complete a task. This does not mean they are lazy however, but they have a different way of processing their world than other signs.

Teach them healthy boundaries.

Pisces children are idealistic and can be taken advantage of by other children and this can become a problem when Pisces is an adult if they don’t learn as children how to discriminate and discern who their true friends really are. If you want to help your child grow into a healthy adult with healthy relationships this is something that will need to be discussed, especially when it begins to happen.


One of the keywords for Pisces is ‘sacrifice,’ and as adults, this can turn into a serious problem if they don’t learn early on their needs and feelings are just as important as anyone else’s, and they should not have to constantly sacrifice their ideals, time, goals or anything else to keep friends, or as they age, lovers. This may be the most important thing you can do in preparing your Pisces for life in the real world.

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