4 Most Difficult Rising Signs To Have, According To An Astrologer

While every rising sign has its advantages and disadvantages, these are the most challenging overall.

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Rising signs hold so much power because, through them, we can understand a lot about ourselves, our history, our family and our direction. Each rising sign is unique and gifts the natives with a lot of qualities that make them shine. However, in a TikTok video, astrologer Ellie Remotigue explained that some rising signs can experience slightly more challenges than others.

4 most difficult rising signs to have



1. Virgo rising

Virgo rising is blessed with the gift of patience and tact. It is the sign before Libra and right after Leo, so they will show a mix of both worlds but may have trouble expressing them. Remotigue explained that due to their Mars-ruled houses, things can get strenuous for these signs. However, while the malefics can bring some surprises, Virgo risings have benefics in potent houses that can help them overcome these challenges from Mars.


As long as Virgo learns to appreciate learning from experiences, they will efficiently move on. Tapping into the abundant energy of their ninth house in Taurus will steer them in the direction of success residing in their 10th House, ruled by Mercury, their chart ruler.

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2. Day chart Scorpio or Aries rising

"Not only are you ruled by that most malefic planet," Remotigue explained, "it just makes the self-sabotage so real because Mars is directing your life and Mars wants to hurt your life."

Since the support system for day charts are Saturn and Jupiter, their chart ruler, Mars, is part of the opposition. However, having Mars-ruled ascendants shows unstoppable people that enjoy a good challenge and are prepared to create their success. Mars is synonymous with war and victory. But with Saturn imparting knowledge on these signs, they will know the value of hard work, persistence, and composure and will know they can be unstoppable when they learn to apply these traits.


When the natives can understand their talent, potential, and ability, having a Mars-ruled chart seems like a blessing. Of course, the native has to also mature and understand that patience is needed when you are off winning battles and seeking your next victory.

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3. Night chart Capricorn rising

“How does it feel to be everyone’s scapegoat?" Remotigue asked in her video by way of explaining that for those with this placement, "everyone expects you to fix their problems and it's annoying because they don't see that you’re human and that you have your problem and it can feel like they’re blaming you for their problems that you have nothing to do with.”

Capricorn risings with a night chart has Venus and Mars rooting for them but their chart ruler, Saturn, can be their “adversary” — which is why Remotigue said it can be a challenging rising sign for some natives.


The good thing is that after experiencing their solar returns, the placement gets easier with time and the native will be knowledgeable and self-reliant, so others will not point fingers or bring them down. Those with this rising sign need to learn to create boundaries and with experience, they can get better at doing this. The sea goat here knows that they have time on their side and that their metamorphosis will make others respect them.

4. Day chart Pisces rising

Lastly, Remotigue noted the impact of having a day chart with Mars-ruled houses which may stir some hardships. The second house is in Aries for Pisces risings, which can reflect eating and spending habits. Aries energy wants to do things fast and the impulsiveness may cause these people to forget to take care of themselves because they will be so driven to work, spend and not nourish themselves. The day chart Pisces rising has to remember to be more balanced and to prioritize their well-being when necessary.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.