The Moon Phase Soulmate Compatibility Test Reveals If You're Really A Perfect Match

A concrete way to test your compatibility (at least, according to TikTok).

Last updated on Apr 19, 2024

couple and moon phases NASA Hubble Space Telescope and Blake Carpenter via Unsplash / Berry Art and margiartho via Canva

If you've ever wanted a concrete way to tell if you and your partner are really a perfect match, the moon phase soulmate compatibility test is a fun way to test whether or not you're a perfect match — or at least that's what thousands of people on TikTok believe.

How the moon phase soulmate compatibility test works

One of the latest TikTok trends has to do with comparing the moon phase you were born under with that of your partner. If you combine your and your partner's moon phases and together they make a full moon, that supposedly means you're true soulmates — which professional astrologer Dana DeFranco told The Knot does actually have some semblance of accuracy.


"It would be wrong of me to suggest that the moon phase soulmate test is inaccurate," DeFranco said. However, she also explained that it's "a brand new mechanism in synastry and astrology," meaning "there are no studies done to confirm or deny its validity."



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In astrology, the moon rules our deepest feelings, emotions and what we need on an emotional level to feel secure. The moon has a great influence on our daily lives and hour-to-hour changes in astrology. There are eight moon phases and each one can describe something about your personality and your relationships depending on what phase you were born under, so theoretically it makes sense that moon phase compatibility, like zodiac compatibility, makes sense.

How to do the moon phase soulmate trend

1. Determine your moon phases.

Use a lunar calculator to determine the moon phases you and your potential soulmate were born under. You'll need to know your date, time and place of birth for the most accurate results.


2. Find an image of the moon phases.

Once you have your moon phases, find and screenshot a photo of each phase. 

3. Compare your moon phases.

Using a photo editor, layer the images of the two moon phases. If the two phases together create a full moon, you are indeed soulmates (at least according to TikTok).

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Moon phase compatibility meanings

Each moon phase combination is believed to signify a different type of relationship, so even if your moons don't align to create a full moon, an evolutionary astrologer named Aura explained in a TikTok video what your moon phase compatibility signifies.




Same moon phases

According to Aura, people with the same moon phases are twin flames "learning the same lessons together."

Opposite moon phases

Opposite moon phases, such as a full moon and a new moon, suggest temporary soulmates. While you may balance each other out, Aura wrote in the video it means "you're on different paths" in the long term. 


Opposite quarter moon phases

For those with opposite quarter moon phases, meaning first- and third-quarter moons, Aura wrote that "you teach each other balance and bring new perspectives to light."

Opposite moon phases darkened

According to Aura, these moon phases include waning and waxing crescent moons with the same illumination and signify a psychic connection. "You are both learning the same internal lessons through different lenses," Aura wrote.


Totally different phases

Phases that don't match in any way, Aura wrote, such as waning and waxing crescent moons with different illumination, is a sign that "you are both on different paths and find it difficult to relate to one another." However, Aura noted that even this match-up doesn't mean your relationship is doomed. 

"By accepting your differences you can thrive!" she wrote.

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