How To Tell If Your Relationship Will Last, Based On Your Moon & Mars Signs

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Do you wonder if your relationship will last? In astrology, synastry is the comparison of two astrological charts to determine strengths, weaknesses, and overall compatibility which gives us insight into the dynamics of a relationship and ultimately whether or not the relationship has the power to last.

There are many elements that come into play when you begin comparing birth charts, but two important pieces of the puzzle are the Moon and Mars signs.

Your Moon sign represents your inner world, emotions, and what you need from others to feel safe on an emotional level while your Mars sign represents your desires, actions, sex, aggression, and how you express anger and approach conflict.

If these planets are in harmony with each other in the charts of two people, this combination can produce a strong emotional tie and be beneficial. But if they clash, there can be early fireworks, but ultimately a difference in relationship styles means the relationship may not be so likely to last.

Moon and Mars synastry

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Let’s take a look at how the Moon and Mars can work with each other between two people.

Moon square Mars synastry

This is not a good combination and increases conflicts and is prone to emotionally explosive arguments.

In general, the Mars person tends to be impatient with the Moon individual and can consider them indecisive and emotionally weak. The Moon in turn resents the emotional insensitivity of the Mars person and these two can clash over family and domestic issues, so this is not great for those in romantic relationships.

If these two are to get along they must learn to exercise a great deal of patience with each other. This combination would need strong support from other planets to work out.

Moon trine Mars synastry

This aspect between two people can work much better than Moon square Mars.

The Mars person can energize the Moon person into constructive action and greater self-confidence, while the Moon individual will typically have a calming effect on Mars and often provide a base for home and work. Both people can inspire action in the other. 

This combination can contribute to sexual attraction and personal harmony is much more likely.

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Moon conjunct Mars synastry

When a conjunction occurs in synastry, the energies of the two planets must be considered to determine if this is a positive and helpful aspect or a difficult one. In this case, these combined energies make for a difficult combination.

While this aspect is not typically as bad as the square or opposition, the aggressive energy of Mars nevertheless does not mix well with the sensitive Moon energies. It can, however, produce empathy between the two and works well for people involved in family businesses or real estate if they can get along.

Moon opposite Mars synastry

This is by far the worst combination for Moon-Mars. Have you ever seen a couple that is prone to continuous arguments and disagreements? Well, this is that couple.

While this combination can produce sexual attraction, one party may feel they are being exploited and domestic harmony will be very difficult to attain as this is prone to emotional scenes and angry conflicts.

For a relationship to last between these two there would need to be strong support from other planets and a great deal of maturity and patience from both people.

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