How Full Moons Affect Your Life & Relationships In Each Astrology House

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full moon and zodiac signs

Full moons represent a culmination, indicating when we have learned and absorbed the lessons that began six months prior during the new moon cycle. After experiencing and understanding the lessons tied to the house where the full moon occurs, we will develop a sense of clarity and sometimes a more mature perspective because we are prepared for the imminent release as we close the page and prepare ourselves to enter a new phase.

Full moon meaning in the houses

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Full moon in the 1st house

This full moon puts the focus on redefining the relationship you developed with yourself since the start of the new moon here. You have endured the cycles and have uncovered new things that will help you feel more centered and controlled. The dynamic with this transit is that relationships become more interesting now because the native can become more selective with their choices. Learning to prioritize needs and be more confident can be a result of this cycle.

Full moon in the 2nd house

This is a transit that will help the natives become more connected with their purpose. The new moon here starts the development of the essential tools needed to get to the next level. This is the house of creating and building to get to where your heart desires. Develop the insight and motivation to pursue your dreams without letting criticisms get to you.

Full moon in the 3rd house

An epic transit that will help you become more connected with your love and interest in the people around you. This is also the beginning of our journey to become more aware of our intellectual pursuits. The third house is also linked to creativity and developing our structure with how we process information. We can feel more liberated in our self-expression after this cycle.

Full moon in the 4th house

Awakening can happen as we become more connected with family and the people we consider family during this time. It is a period of bonding with the people we care for, creating stronger and more meaningul ties. Those who are married or in long-term romantic relationships can feel the strength of the connection that they have with a partner. It is the path to continue to build and enjoy being together because they know they can trust one another.

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Full moon in the 5th house

When the full moon transits the fifth house we are not afraid to shine. Creatively, this can be a fulfilling and inspiring transit because the people we meet now can be our muses. For those who have children, this can be an excellent transit to develop better communication with them. You can also teach them to pursue what brings them joy and happiness through creative expression.

Full moon in the 6th house

Having the full moon in the sixth house shows that the work we have done will now begin to be revealed to the world. We may care more about our health and daily routines during this transit. If we did not pay much attention to our routines during the new moon, this transit could bring more clarity and awareness as we continue to grow and understand what we need for the next several months after this transit concludes.

Full moon in the 7th house

Relationships with others may transform here as we apply the lessons learned from the new moon transit. We can feel empowered to take things to the next level or consider ending a relationship. A transit that can make us more business-oriented and willing to connect with others to gain insight into potential careers, it can also relate to honoring ourselves and learning to be there for our partners. We can also begin planning for our career goals.

Full moon in the 8th house

Dreams become more vivid during this time. We may develop a love for new topics that may intrigue us. The full moon here is preparing us to become more connected with how we want to learn, grow, and let go of what is holding us back. We acquire mastery in our learning because we are more devoted to research and are patient. Here we acquire the information that will help us for the ninth house transit. 

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Full moon in the 9th house

In this house, we can see the culmination of our journey of acquiring knowledge that has inspired us. We begin to see the improvement in the material we started to learn during the new moon. We can learn more from people we respect, especially in academic settings. This transit can help the native pick their major or career or switch to a different one. This period can also represent graduation or promotion. We receive the accolades and praise as we continue our journey.

Full moon in the 10th house

When the full moon enters the highest point in our chart we are on the path to greatness and recognition. Our hard work is being praised. We could expect to see better relationships with people at work or if you are in school, your classmates and teachers show more respect. Because we have the drive, we can also create new goals and dreams during this transit since the energy to acquire more success is heightened.

Full moon in the 11th house

We develop stronger relationships here and make new friendships with this transit. It is also a time to assess who we let in our lives and we may become more emotionally intelligent to discuss what is not working in our current relationships. This transit is also about leveling up how we work and what we can accomplish in a team setting. Creating stronger romantic ties can also occur during this time.

Full moon in the 12th house

When it comes to understanding and knowing yourself, nothing compares to this transit. We learn to forgive and become more patient with ourselves even if it can be challenging during the new moon period. Here is also where we can privately work on projects and develop the discipline needed to be triumphant. We feel equipped to move ahead with more power and courage after this period.

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