8 Most Powerful Crystals For Scorpio Energy

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Crystals are known for their healing properties and beneficial energy

Different crystals are used for different things, and the best cyrstals for Scorpio energy are those that promote Scorpio's best traits while balancing out the not-so-good ones

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Any crystal that provides intense, healing energy will be suitable for this zodiac sign.

Scorpios are the kind of people you want to have in your circle. Not only are they fluid in thoughts, but they are extremely passionate about their wants and needs in life.

Although the Scorpio may seem highly jealous and it is a bit hard to sway their opinions, they are the type of people that know what they want and are not afraid to be vocal about it!

Because they are in the water element, the Scorpio can be emotional and stubborn from time to time.

Crystals for Scorpio allow the zodiac sign to feel balanced and unbothered by others' opinions.

Most powerful crystals for Scorpio energy

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1. Aquamarine

Scorpio's birthstone, Aquamarine translates to 'water of the sea,' which is perfect for this water sign!

Scorpios can be easily triggered if they are provoked, however, having this crystal nearby (perhaps as a charm bracelet or necklace) will calm you down and give you a sense of peace.

2. Amethyst

Like the Aquamarine, this crystal will help the Scorpio feel protected and will bring out their spontaneous side.

The Amethyst will also protect the Scorpio from any bad/negative energies from attacking their spirit.

3. Golden Yellow Topaz

The Golden Yellow Topaz is coincidentally the crystal of Scorpio's ruling planet, Pluto.

This crystal will allow the Scorpio to manifest their biggest dreams and will guide them toward success.

4. Sodalite

The Scorpio is known to be emotional and easily triggered. Sodalite crystals will help them center their minds on more important issues.

This healing crystal will allow the Scorpio to speak their mind calmly instead of striking ferociously like they tend to do.

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5. Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline will definitely help the Scorpio during the dark season of its' rising sun.

This crystal not only rids any negativity but will give the Scorpio a boost of confidence during troubling times.

6. Smoky Quartz

Scorpios usually bottle up their emotions if they feel as though they can not trust the recipient.

The Smoky Quartz helps Scorpios release themselves from any emotional chains that they have locked themselves to.

7. Red Jasper

The Red Jasper brings in good energy all around, but the most important element of this crystal is the ability to bring in endurance and strength.

Scorpios can become flustered with their busy agendas, but the Red Jasper will definitely help support their drive toward their goals.

8. Rutilated Quartz

If you are in need of finding your purpose in life and elevating your mind and spirit, the Rutilated Quartz is the crystal every Scorpio needs.

Scorpio can be a bit uneasy about a lot of people and situations, but this crystal will help eliminate that paranoid feeling.

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