The Meaning And Powerful Effects Of Cazimi In Astrology

Cazimi is an astrological term that means a planet is in the heart of the Sun.

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Cazimi is an astrological term that refers to a planet transiting between 0-1 degrees from the sun, or "the heart of the sun." The aspect involved is the conjunction of both the transiting planet and the luminary.

When a planet is Cazimi, there is a sense of magic and hope, especially when the Moon, Mercury, or another benefic planet is involved. It is a beneficial time to make dreams happen or to initiate, while the outer planets Cazimi will only make us work harder, be more responsible and push toward healing.


Effects of cazimi planets 

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Moon Cazimi

Cazimi Moon initiates the New Moon phase. It is a fruitful time to manifest because it is the beginning and birth of a new cycle. Usually, New Moons can bring us luck and prosperity, especially if it makes a positive aspect (trine and sextile) to our natal benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter).


Natally, this transit grants the native confidence and determination since the luminaries are conjunct. They could achieve emotional balance and a sense of duty and nothing can hold them back.

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Mercury Cazimi

Mercury Cazimi could be a positive one collectively because it creates inspiration. Finding your muse comes easily if you are a content creator. Mercury could receive some positive news due to the Sun's energy. Mercury Cazimi is an awakening.

In the natal chart, this phenomenon shows someone highly confident, bursting with ideas, and ready to take on the world by storm. They will be renowned for their ingenuity and intellect.


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Venus Cazimi

Venus Cazimi brings forth radiant energy that can help our relationships. When the planet of love comes in contact with the Sun, we might meet new people that help us creatively. Ideas burst and it could be a very auspicious time to set intentions. For singles, this transit could prove influential if they want to enter a relationship.

Having this placement natally shows someone that will always steal the spotlight and be adored by the people they meet. It could be a popular placement, especially with Venus-ruled signs Taurus and Libra.

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Mars Cazimi

Mars Cazimi sparks courage and a need to succeed. It is a time when tempers can flare, people could be on edge and we will need to learn to think before we speak. Mars Cazimi helps us collectively to focus on a goal and make it a reality. We are gifted with fierce determination and dedication. A way to take advantage of this transit is to shift our energy into what we love.

When the Cazimi happens in the natal chart or is activated by transiting Sun conjunct our Mars, it could be a potent time to embark on a new challenge and goal. We will have the energy to get it done and make magic happen.

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Jupiter Cazimi

Jupiter Cazimi gives us calm, faith, and expansive energy that helps to inspire us. With this transit, the native will be compelled to learn more and acquire knowledge. Jupiter is curious and the Sun generates confidence in the path that we decide to take.


Jupiter Cazimi in the natal chart can make the native an explorer and adventurer. The eternal learners know how to charm and share their philosophy with others.

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Saturn Cazimi

Saturn Cazimi is all about getting our act together. We have to accept our responsibilities and if we have slacked off, we can get back on track. Saturn gives us the deadline and the ability to focus on completion.

Natally, the person with this placement will be hard-working and with Saturnian qualities. They are driven and could be very much about maintaining control in their life.

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Uranus Cazimi

Uranus Cazimi is a time for innovation and it could be an eye-opening transit collectively. It is a haven for new ideas and motivation. Again, this is a valuable transit for content creators to get ahead of the game and express their innovative sides.

Natally, this placement shows someone who is not afraid to think outside the box. They feel confident when others think they are strange or out there. The Uranus Cazimi has a magical mind and a warm, welcoming personality.

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Neptune Cazimi

Neptune Cazimi could be a great time to get in touch with the imagination. It is a time to dream, visualize and get your ideas written down. This transit could spark a lot of inspiration and focus. It is also a time to get more in touch with the spiritual.


When this phenomenon appears in the natal chart, the native is going to be focused on bringing healing into their lives and the world around them. Uncovering the beauty of the world and showing it to others through their art could be appealing to them.

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Pluto Cazimi

Changes, transformations, and surprises are linked to this transit. Pluto Cazimi brings to the surface everything we may have hidden away, including secrets and the revealing of lies. It is a transit that can be harsh because Pluto brings the topics that unsettle us and scare us.

In the natal chart, this shows someone passionate about discovering the truth in things. They can dig and make great detectives. Always several steps ahead of everyone else. Life is their game of chess; they play to win.


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