The Astrological Reason Why Mondays Are The Worst Day Of The Week

No, that Monday feeling isn't all in your head.

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Some days can feel easier to manage than others, and something we can collectively agree on is that Mondays are typically the worst day of the week.

While it may be easy to blame that on the end of the weekend with a long work week ahead, according to astrology, there may be more to blame than just your job.

As it turns out, each day of the week is ruled by a different planet or luminary whose energy can bring inspiration or challenges:

  • Monday is ruled by the Moon
  • Tuesday is ruled by Mars
  • Wednesday is ruled by Mercury
  • Thursday is ruled by Jupiter
  • Friday is ruled by Venus
  • Saturday is ruled by Saturn
  • Sunday is ruled by the Sun

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Why Mondays are the worst day of the week, per astrology.

Mondays are the worst day of the week astrologically because Monday is ruled by the Moon.

The moon's energy connects us with our deeper emotions. The position and the zodiac sign the Moon is in also impact the way you feel. Mondays could feel dreary for many people because we could all experience emotional highs and lows.




Astrology reminds us that the Moon is a complex luminary, but as important and maybe even more powerful than the Sun.

Emotions can make people uncomfortable and understanding them could present a challenge. The Moon is a unique placement and intimate. We learn about our relationships, passions, and desires with our Moon signs and the planets aspecting it in our chart. Monday can feel charged because of this. 

The Moon switches signs every couple of days and it can feel like a balancing act for us. If the Moon switches from Pisces to Aries, we could feel more empowered and confident. But if it moves from Gemini to Cancer, it could show that our social batteries may need to recharge for a few days before we get ready to enter the fiery confidence of Leo.


The natives with Sun, Moon, or Rising in Cancer will be most affected by Mondays. Also, people with heavy Moon aspects in their chart will be impacted by the day.

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The other days of the week allow us to push, create, build and reflect. 

We could feel a lot more confident and relaxed on Sunday since this is the first day of the week and it is ruled by the most vibrant luminary, the Sun. Most of us recharge on Sundays to tackle the upcoming days.

Tuesdays are ruled by Mars, so we could feel a lot bolder and in charge.

When we feel inspired to communicate, Wednesdays activate our need to connect or express ourselves.


Thursday has the optimistic energy of Jupiter, allowing us to dream big and tap into our adventurous side.

Finding a moment of relaxation will serve us well on Fridays since it is ruled by Venus. We do exciting things on this day and prepare for the weekend.

Saturn rules Saturday and it could be a time when we reflect on the work completed and set more plans for the upcoming week.

Mondays set the tone for the upcoming week, so if the day feels challenging, it could demotivate us.

That said, Mondays can be the perfect time to initiate something new.

After all, we experience new cycles with key lunar phases every month.

To combat the anxiousness or the complex feelings associated with it, make sure to journal, meditate or find something that brings you happiness. Concentrating on things that can change our mood for the better is imperative.


Avoid stressors, take things easy on Monday and work at a pace that works best for you. Rushing and stressing will not work in your favor.

The Moon wants us to feel balanced within, so focus on harmony and practice patience.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.