8 Astrology Signs You're A Late Bloomer & The Best Is Yet To Come

If you feel like you're "behind" in life, check your birth chart to see if you have any of these placements.

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Have you ever noticed how some people do well in life early on (sometimes burning out quickly) while others may grow and develop more slowly, especially when it comes to settling down? Everyone goes at different speeds in life, and astrology can provide some signs of being a 'late bloomer,' according to astrologist Haley Delgado.

Let’s take a look at what astrology can show us in terms of those who find love and success later in life. Following are some of the transits that will contribute to being a late bloomer, especially in terms of relationships with others.


8 astrology signs you're a late bloomer and the best is yet to come

1. Saturn in the 7th house

Saturn is the planet that rules time. Saturn tends to delay and slow things down, so if you were born with Saturn in the seventh house of marriage, you may get into relationships while you are young, but this aspect shows that you may take your time to marry and enter into serious committed relationships. 

Alternatively, you may not meet the right people or be able to cement a relationship with Saturn in this placement. While you may desire a commitment, it can seem difficult to come by. Some people can experience a cold marriage or bad long-term relationship with this transit, so it is important to really get to know anyone that you intend or desire to have in your life for the long term if Saturn is placed here. 


Typically, those with Saturn in the seventh marry after 40 and sometimes much later if at all. If Saturn in your 7th makes other positive aspects to personal planets this can, of course, change things.

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2. Cancer or Leo ascendant

If you have a Cancer or Leo ascendant, the opposite house, or seventh house, is ruled by Saturn even if Saturn is not in that house. Since Saturn is the ruling planet of your seventh house, partnerships can be delayed until older or solid relationships may be difficult to form. Look for positive transiting aspects to Saturn to show you when your times are best for meeting someone new.


3. Natal retrograde Venus

This aspect is found in roughly 8-10 percent of the population as Venus retrogrades about every 18 months. Retrograde planets don’t function as well as direct planets in the natal chart and Venus is no exception. Love is harder to come by with a retrograde Venus, and it can affect other things in your life such as money, friends and your overall social life. There can be a feeling of being unloved or unlovable that could have started early on in life with the loss of a parent or not feeling connected or bonded.

This does not mean, however, that you are doomed never to have love, a fulfilling social life or money. It may simply take more time to figure out what really works for you and you may have to experience different situations before you figure out what you really want and need in your life. You may have some false starts before getting there.

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4. Natal retrograde Mars

Mars is the planet that rules our action. It also rules men. When Mars is retrograde, our actions aren’t always clearly defined and, like retrograde Venus, it can take a while to figure out what really works for us or what the right approach is since individuals with this transit may act in a way that is opposite from how they should approach things. 

In the case of a woman, Mars represents all of the men in her life and she may go through a number of relationships before she figures out what type of man she is really attracted to or, in some cases, not attracted to.

5. Saturn in the 5th house

While the seventh house rules committed relationships, the fifth house is where love blooms so it rules romance along with children. Anyone with Saturn in the fifth takes love very seriously and it can indicate delays and disappointments in terms of love, children and even just having fun. Sometimes Saturn in the fifth can indicate an attraction to older people


6. Saturn opposing, conjunct or square Venus, especially in the 5th or 7th houses

Saturn and Venus don’t typically match up very well and love, relationships and money can be delayed until later in life. Self-love needs to come first with this transit as these individuals don’t always feel love for themselves. Saturn rules commitment and stability, and when it clashes with Venus, a clearly defined relationship can seem heavy and unattainable until older. 

Self-love and respect should come before finding a life partner. Some individuals may accept or choose the wrong person to be with out of desperation. Age is on the side of Saturn, however, so this aspect can coincide with things happening later in life as opposed to sooner.

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7. Saturn conjunct, square or opposing the Moon

Emotional issues and insecurity often occur with this natal placement. This person may have had a difficult childhood, bad relationships with parents or some other misfortune in early life. In this case, it may take time to overcome any emotional obstacles and develop enough confidence or self-worth to have a normal relationship. Self-love and a feeling of being secure within oneself must come first for the relationship to be satisfying.


8. Saturn in the 4th house

The fourth house represents home, family and the basic foundation in life. People born with this aspect often feel they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, especially in early life. Either the parents made it very difficult in some way, you grew up too fast or had to assume too much responsibility early on. As a result, some people with this placement are ‘late bloomers' because they typically have some issues to overcome and they often have trust issues. It may take these individuals longer to heal from their early experiences and learn to believe in themselves before they can actually thrive in life.

Having any of these aspects in your natal chart does not mean you won’t blossom in your life and find your correct place. 

Remember, Saturn is the planet of age and time which only means if you have these natal placements Saturn and time are on your side and the best is yet to come!


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Leslie Hale is a professional astrologer offering personal astrology readings worldwide by phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom.