An Astrologer's Theories & Predictions For How The April 2024 Aries Solar Eclipse Will Transform The U.S. As We Know It

The April 2024 total solar eclipse is a powerful eclipse ruled by Mars, the planet of warrior energy, that will affect the U.S. for months to come.

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The April 8, 2024, solar eclipse is Aries is one that will have lasting effects on us as a collective.

Astrologically, eclipses are one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve both personally and collectively. When an eclipse occurs we almost always experience something unexpected. New information can be revealed and major life events often occur. Eclipses often bring news pertaining to some of life's biggest events as well as significant events that affect the world.


A solar eclipse is like a new moon on steroids. Unexpected information can come to light and something may be eclipsed into or completely out of your life. It can be a time of new beginnings. 

Eclipses can bring issues to light and in some cases they can bring conclusions to certain events, important announcements and news, or alternatively they can kick off events that include wars and disasters, leadership changes, endings and conclusions or even new innovations, products or art forms.

Theories & predictions for how the April 2024 Aries solar eclipse will transform the U.S. as we know it

Eclipses affect the charts of countries just as they do people. In ancient times, astrologers generally did not read individual charts like we do today to empower individuals. Astrology was more about the country and the leader and everyone’s fortunes were tied to the success of the King, Queen or leader at that time.


The last total eclipse we experienced was in August 2017 in the sign of Leo and was referred to as the 'Great American Eclipse.' That eclipse literally divided the country as it crossed the USA.

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Some astrologers believe that events can occur along the eclipse path and places where the eclipse can be viewed in full totality are ripe for change in society, overall culture or leadership. Well, 2017 certainly was the year the US became ‘divided’ politically and it was a period of drastic change and the beginning of seven years of political upheaval in the US that continues today. 

Leo is the sign of the showman, the entertainer and of course the grandstander. With all of that Leo energy we certainly saw a great deal of political grandstanding in 2017 and if you haven’t guessed by now, yes, the eclipse was about Donald Trump and his vision of ‘Make America Great Again.’ Trump is a Leo ascendant with Mars in Leo conjunct his ascendant and he certainly knows how to grandstand. The ‘Great American Eclipse’ fell directly on the point that was rising on the horizon at the time of Trump’s birth. The April 8th, 2024 eclipse will also affect the former President especially in the realms of finance, foreign contacts and affairs and lawsuits.


The next total solar eclipse can be seen in the US is April 8th, 2024 and it is at 19 degrees of Aries and also considered a supermoon.

While the 2017 eclipse began on the West Coast, the 2024 eclipse begins on the East Coast. The two eclipse paths (2017 and 2024) cross each other around San Antonio, Texas.

Once again, the eclipse divides the country as it crosses the US. Can we expect the political and social divisions to continue? Absolutely. Could this further divide the country into even more factions? Good chance. The eclipse in Aries is ruled by Mars the planet of action, change and in some cases fighting, aggression and even war. Mars rules the military, police and ‘warrior’ types of people.

On the other hand, Mars can confer courage and action, and with the eclipse in the sign of Aries we can expect to see a surge of innovation and new ideas this year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and in astrology, the focus of Aries is the first house of the self. In the U.S., we will see many different factions fighting for their personal beliefs and agendas at this time.


Solar eclipses repeat themselves every 19 years. We experienced a solar eclipse at 19 degrees of Aries on April 8, 2005 and April 9, 1986.

In April 2005, Pope John Paul II passed away, the conflict/war in Iraq was going on and the year saw more than one natural disaster including Hurricane Katrina. In 1986, 138 FDIC banks failed and the fourth reactor at Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded. These are just a sampling of events that occurred around these last two solar eclipses in Aries at 19 degrees. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the aspects that will affect the April 8th eclipse in the U.S. and what we can expect.

The Aries eclipse opposes Saturn in the U.S. birth chart.

The Aries eclipse falls in the U.S. Sibly chart fourth house, which rules general and political stability, natural disasters and housing as well as the homeland/homeland security. It opposes Saturn, which rules the government, leadership and Congress. The opposition shows a conflict potentially between branches of government and the President. The moon also rules popular sentiment and its opposition to Saturn in the U.S. chart is not light hearted in any sense.

This eclipse is the companion eclipse to the March 25th eclipse in Libra which ‘sets off’ the 1st/7th house axis, which means we are focused on ‘we versus them.’ Coming to terms with partnerships of all types will be important on a collective level.

The moon is a supermoon.


This moon is a supermoon, which means it will appear bigger, brighter and closer to the Earth. Super moons are known to be associated with major earth related events such as tsunamis, earthquakes and other disasters. 

This eclipse is conjunct Chiron and the North Node.

When Chiron, known as the wounded healer is aspected, it brings up deep-seated wounds that need to be healed. This signifies a wounding of the people in the U.S. that needs to be dealt with. In other words, people who are hurt tend to hurt others in return and the cycle continues.

Transiting Chiron conjunct the moon is square both Mercury and Pluto in the U.S.' Sibly natal chart. This shows us that a transformation is needed in terms of both communications between the government, people and even some media outlets (or social media) and the way money is approached (Pluto) which brings up the subject of who receives benefits versus who does not.


Pluto is also connected to systems of power such as Congress and other bodies and unhappiness among the population concerning some of those in power and making the rules. Chiron is conjunct the moon which rules women. Women have suffered a loss of reproductive rights in the U.S. with a continued threat of the further erosion of more rights.

The North Node represents karmic or fated events, as it does with every eclipse.

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Saturn and Mars are conjunct at 13/14 degrees of Pisces.

This is a harsh aspect that can lean toward volatility and even violence. This aspect has the potential to bring about war or war like circumstances or situations that involve police or military. Mars-Pluto is like a pot that is ready to boil over and will have an influence in the days before and after the eclipse. Saturn has a repressive affect upon Mars and it may be a struggle to get things done in the U.S. at this point.


The sign Pisces is also connected to compassion and spirituality. We can expect to see compassion expressed in some ways, but one of the themes of this eclipse is change through compassion in the U.S. toward its own citizens. With Mars sextile Jupiter, the possibility of compassion is possible both at home and abroad.

Mercury is retrograde at 24 degrees of Aries.

Retrograde Mercury is known for revealing previously unknown information. When an eclipse occurs with retrograde Mercury, events connected to the eclipse may be delayed, usually by a matter of days. Mercury rules all communication, so with its retrograde, the information we receive may not be correct or accurate in some way or we may not get all of the information. Mercury also involves commerce, travel and young people.

On April 8th, Mercury squares Mercury in the U.S. Sibly chart 8th house as well as Pluto in the U.S. chart 2nd house of money and finance. Mercury rules communication so there will be some significant news that comes to light at this time. It is also possible that we will hear of the death of someone who is well known on or around the eclipse or within the next month.


Mercury’s square to Pluto in the U.S. chart represents power struggles between those in authority, important news and financial decisions. It is an aspect of propaganda and those who try and push their beliefs on others.

Jupiter is conjunct Uranus.

This is one of the most significant astrological events of 2024 and has only occurred in Taurus 3 times since the year 1100. This aspect becomes ‘exact’ on April 21st, but it is already within orb. This aspect is connected with events related to Taurus including money, women, food/farming and beauty. Taurus is also connected to the earth so we could see an increase in climate- or weather-related events this year. 

On one hand, this is a transit that can inspire innovations and explorations that may challenge traditional norms or values. Jupiter’s expansiveness along with Uranus’s forward thinking practices can result in some great advancements for mankind.


On the other hand, Uranus is an unpredictable planet and we could see unexpected events that could occur in terms of finance, money and women’s issues such as reproductive rights and/or freedom. We may see ups and downs in the financial markets during this period. This could also be connected to the U.S. budget — or the failure to pass one.

We landed on the Moon on a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and the French Revolution began on the same transit as Uranus is about freedom and throwing over excepted norms, showing that during these transits, rebellions and social unrest can occur.

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The April 2024 total solar eclipse is a fiery, powerful eclipse ruled by Mars, the planet of warrior energy, wars and innovation, that will affect the U.S. for months to come.

With the eclipse in Aries, many will be trying to push their own agendas that will conflict with others. We can expect political bickering and important news and debate that could include a prominent death or relate to death in some other way as well as lawsuits and legal issues that are prominent in the news.


There is potential that even more divisions can occur in different and separate sections of the country. Since the moon is conjunct Mercury we may hear news that pertains to young people or travel and the potential exists for cyber attacks and the like.

Aries is the sign of pioneering innovation and doesn’t let grass grow under its feet. While this eclipse points to many contentious issues, it will also be a catalyst for new ideas and change in many areas. In some respects, this will be an exciting time with many new developments and ideas that will come to light in the near future.

The next total eclipse seen in the U.S. will not occur until 2044. 

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