How To Uncover Your Hidden Sub-Personality, According To Astrology

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In a TikTok video, an astrologer named Tara who goes by @shawtyherbs discussed how we have not one but two rising signs. The first is the rising in our natal chart and the second is the persona chart of our ascendant. She defines the persona chart as “the birth chart of every planet, asteroid, and angle in your birth chart.”



The persona chart for the rising sign is tied to the personality of the native and can show yet another layer to the placement, especially when the persona chart sign is radically different from the natal placement. Through this second ascendant, we can see a lot about that placement through the expression of the sign.

As an example, Tara discusses how her rising sign is Capricorn, but the persona chart is in Leo and it is indeed very apparent because she displays Leo energy; her vibrant personality and aesthetic shine through each of her TikTok videos.

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Your ‘second rising sign’ and what it means, based on your ascendant persona chart

To find your ascendant persona chart, use a persona chart calculator to generate your nine persona charts as well as those dedicated to other placements in your natal chart including the ascendant. Scroll down to the box labeled 'Other Persona Charts,' which will show you your second rising sign.

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Aries persona

Having an Aries persona shows someone ready to take on the world. You have a dormant persona that wants to stand out and be known. The Aries persona is courageous and unstoppable. There are Martian qualities that will give even the dreamy Pisces rising some warrior-like qualities.

Taurus persona

When Venus is ruling our chart, we could be drawn to the finer things in life. The natives could desire stability and luxury. The native with this placement is not a pushover and wants to gain as much control as possible. This is a placement that brings out an inner artist and visionary. They are stylish, in command, and ready to take on the world.

Gemini persona

When the persona chart is ruled by Gemini, it shows someone witty and charismatic who can light up any room with their presence. This is someone who knows how to socialize, network, and keep people interested with their fascinating facts. This is a placement of the researcher, the philosopher, and the learner. They will always be motivated to acquire more knowledge. 

Cancer persona

A placement that shows someone intuitive and compassionate. They could be seen as friendly and approachable by others. The persona chart rising in Cancer also shows a dominant and powerful person, who likes to achieve victory and knows how to make it to the top through hard work and patience.

Leo persona

Not one to shy from the limelight, the persona rising in this sign means the native is going to be known and present. This is a placement that can make the native popular, fashionable, and radiant. Having the Sun ruling the persona also denotes that the native will need to be more comfortable with their ego and who they are so that the persona’s sign can shine through.

Virgo persona

Dedicated, loyal, and with a lot of spunk, those with this persona rising know how to work hard and have the patience to visualize where they want to go. They will be selfless and will dedicate themselves to others if they need it. The Virgo persona rising is a student, teacher, and guide to those around them. They are also fearless romantics and kindhearted souls.

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Libra persona

Warm, mesmerizing, and confident define the person with their persona ascendant in the sign of Libra. They enjoy bringing harmony into their world and will be in love with living out their fairy tale romance. Those with this persona rising are usually excellent networkers since they can enchant anyone around them.

Scorpio persona

Magical and intelligent are synonymous with someone who has their persona chart ascendant in the sign of Scorpio. They enjoy acquiring information and these are people that will be excellent researchers and great mentors. Once people get to know them, they will trust the Scorpio and appreciate the wisdom they impart to others. 

Sagittarius persona

Having the expansive energy of Jupiter tied to their persona chart makes the native someone who is pleasant, charming, and a good friend. These are the people that make great researchers and communicators. They know how to make people listen to them because they are so relatable and warm. They are alluring and easily captivate the people they meet.

Capricorn persona

A persona rising ruled by Saturn shows a native who is hard-working and detail-oriented. Capricorn energy makes the natives open to discovering themselves and seeing their potential. This is a placement that will bring some optimism to the native, especially after their Saturn return, when they see the fruits of their labor. 

Aquarius persona

An awakening of the visionary and the artist is seen on someone with this persona chart. The native is very connected with their dreams and goal to help others. Saturn will make the native with this placement set their sights on greater dreams and make them a reality. Their determination is unmatched and when they get to where they want, it is easy for them to champion others.

Pisces persona

Bewitching and dreamy Pisces brings out a quality that sparks the imagination of the native. A romantic that can make anyone fall in love with them because of their quirkiness and compassion. The native with this placement is a romantic, adoring, and someone who can be popular with the masses.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.