About Liz Abere

Liz is a 24-year-old writer that's based in Brooklyn, New York with her 11-year-old Bengal cat named Spock. Liz has received her start in the media world at Spoon University and has acquired over 2.9 million views on her Spoon articles alone with millions more views on her syndicated content while finding her appreciation for consuming and producing branded content. Liz also has her articles syndicated on Business InsiderInsiderMSN, and Teen Vogue in addition to having her most popular article cited by Elite Daily

When Liz isn't writing, Liz is probably listening to music (check out her Spoon playlist here and her 2019 Wrapped playlist here), walking around aimlessly, cuddling with her cat, consuming new food dishes and drinks, at an event, at therapy, at an appointment with someone from her medical team, or figuring out what to do with herself. Liz's favorite cheese is feta and a pet peeve of hers is when people don't use the word "simultaneously" in the right manner. Liz's favorite movie is "To The Bone," and Liz also loves spending hours scrolling through different videos on YouTube. Liz is also a proud cat aunt to two cats (brother and sister) named Licks and Mia. Liz is also a student at Fordham's Graduate School of Social Service.

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