Your Most Attractive Personality Trait, According To Astrology

The placement of the Aphrodite asteroid in your chart points to one of the most attractive things about you.

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Aphrodite is an asteroid, #1388 in astrology. In mythology, Aphrodite was the Goddess of beauty, fertility, sexuality, beauty, passion, pleasure, and procreation. She is all about physical attraction and beauty, so naturally, her planetary ruler is Venus.

Aphrodite asteroid meaning in astrology

Every planet and asteroid in astrology has its positives and negatives. At Aphrodite's best, she can be strong, sexy, independent and able to see beauty in all people and things. She has a healthy perspective of sex, sexuality, and sexual empowerment. On the darker, or shadow, side, she can use physical intimacy to manipulate and can be insensitive concerning matters of love and the heart. She can be vain, conceited and fickle, or in a marriage without love, passion or devotion.


Influence and meaning of Aphrodite in the signs



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Aphrodite in Aries

Just like the sign of Aries, Aphrodite in this fire sign burns hot and then dies out. Aries Aphrodite is associated with promiscuity, independence and freedom, and is attracted to others who think just like her. Don’t expect her to stay because there is a good chance once she is bored she is gone, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind.


Aphrodite in Taurus

This person is typically quite attractive and into the material world. The more glamorous and attractive they find others, the more they are drawn to them, especially if gifts are bestowed on a regular basis. Clothing and aesthetics are most important.

Aphrodite in Gemini

If you can stimulate their mind, you might hold their attention — but you better be able to keep it up. They seduce with their charisma and intelligence and typically have multiple lovers as monogamy doesn’t typically appeal.

Aphrodite in Cancer

This individual loves those who take care of, nurture and protect them. Do so and you could receive the same in kind. They are emotional lovers more than physical, but if you hurt them, they will never forgive. They attract others through love of family or their emotional appeal.

Aphrodite in Leo

This person loves attention, is prideful and loves to be worshiped by others. They are possessive of their lovers and will not tolerate any type of infidelity. They may light up a room but if you ignore them they will feel wounded and turn elsewhere.


Aphrodite in Virgo

Outwardly, they project a perfect appearance and use this to pull in lovers of the best type. Detail and cleanliness are vital, so show up in a messy car and it may be your first and last date.

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Aphrodite in Libra

They prefer relationships as opposed to serial dating. Very focused on aesthetics, they could go far in the fashion world or any other career involving beauty. They are the ‘beautiful people’ since they are like a double shot of Venus.

Aphrodite in Scorpio

They love sex and have an alluring and magnetic vibe. Their magnetism can turn scary if they are wounded but they can be loyal if they are partnered with the right person. If betrayed, they never forgive.


Aphrodite in Sagittarius

Promiscuity is an old friend and they are basically nomads when it comes to their heart and often in life. They are the eternal traveler, always searching for the next rush, lover or new adventure. Foreign lovers are most attractive as are intelligent people.

Aphrodite in Capricorn

They are all about status and how things appear. Secretly, they love sex and can never really get enough — but they often project a business-like image that belies the fact. They are attracted to partners with status and money.

Aphrodite in Aquarius

These individuals are extremely independent and avant-garde types. They give Sagittarius a run for their money and like to dress, say and do shocking and unexpected things. They are not into tradition and will not commit unless they feel they have found their perfect mate and even that will take time.

Aphrodite in Pisces

They often have complicated and messy love lives, are attracted to art and artistic or dreamy types and can come across this way as well. Drugs, sex and rock and roll might appeal, but they are emotional and always looking for the next emotional high, often found in lost and codependent lovers.


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