The Luckiest Day Of Each Month In 2024 For Leo, According To Astrology

Leo's lucky day horoscope for every month of 2024.

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It's normal to become more hesitant in life, even if that's not your nature because not everything is meant to work out. However, this year, you are meant to return to your inner truth and adopt the fierce, bold nature that will allow you to create a brand-new beginning in your life, and the Leo lucky day horoscope for 2024 shows the days with the most favorable energy to make this work.

The new eclipse cycle this year creates an umbrella of energy encouraging growth and new opportunities — with the caveat that you will advocate for yourself, express your truth, and be willing to stand up for what it is you want.


Aries energy rules over themes of luck, abundance, expansion, travel and education. With the North Node here, you will be able to find that success comes more quickly — but it will require that you venture into new territory, and you can expect that this will be a year of travel as well.

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Let yourself be bold in what you want to create and make the most of each moment Jupiter has left in Taurus so that you can fulfill the dreams you have for your career and professional life. Jupiter will be in Taurus until May 24, so use the first half of the year to make the most of job opportunities and advancements, as new growth and abundance will be heavily favored during this time.  


You are meant to live life on your terms, and while you have made significant progress, you are still dreaming of something even bigger. You can both be grateful for what you have and still allow yourself to dream of more. When you embrace your dreams as the divine signs from the universe that they are, then you also allow yourself to embrace a growth mindset and free spirit toward life continually.

This year is largely one of continued growth, which means you are on the right track. You just need to keep building upon what you've already started so that, eventually, reality can catch up to your dreams.  

Leo's 2024 lucky day horoscope

January: Saturday, January 27 

Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes and surprises, stationed retrograde at the end of August 2023. Since that time, you've been reflecting more on the changes you have made in your career rather than implementing new ones. This is especially important as Jupiter has been in this area of your life, helping to bring new growth and expansion to your career.

On January 27, 2024, Uranus will finally station direct in Taurus, and you can expect more forward momentum and luck in your professional sector once again. Uranus in Taurus might not bring the career path you had anticipated, but it will bring the one that's meant for you.




It's important to retain a flexible mindset during this time, especially with the North Node in Aries lighting up your house of luck as you are truly being guided into the most amazing, abundant phase of your life.

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February: Saturday, February 24 

Once things have been able to pick back up in terms of job changes or advancements, February brings a full moon in Virgo, lighting up your financial sector and helping to bring you greater abundance. You generally have a positive attitude when it comes to money as you know what it is you deserve, but you often must learn how to save as much as you spend.


With Jupiter in Taurus, it may have seemed that you wanted to live big rather than focus on the little things, but if you persisted and tried to find balance, then you will be receiving a flush of abundance around this time. If you find that past bills surface instead, just take a deep breath and remember life is a cycle where you continually try to do better. The financial wealth is there for you this year; it's just making sure you are demonstrating that you can handle your current level of abundance before the universe ushers in more.

March: Tuesday, March 19 

Mars begins the Aries season, which is a powerful time for new opportunities and changing up your life. Think of agreeing to remote work, travel opportunities or that digital nomad position you've been considering. Aries energy wants to bring success to you, but it also is trying to have you venture out from your previous routine as you take greater risks and step back into your bold and fearless nature.  

Aries season smells like success and newness for you, so anything that feels like it's a break from the status quo is favored. You may decide to go back to school, take a furthering education class, work retreat or change your career path altogether. It's all favored during Aries season; the one rule is to simply not hold yourself back out of fear.


April: Monday, April 8 

April will be one of the luckiest months for you as the Aries new moon solar eclipse rises in your house of luck, abundance and expansion. Think of what you can set an intention for around this time that will honor your dreams and change your life in the best possible ways. Solar eclipses tend to rule your external life, so you also have a stronger possibility of receiving a new job offer, opportunity or a chance to change your entire life path around this time.  



While you want to make sure you are grounding yourself in what's real, you will need to take a leap of faith, as this is what goes along with the luck and abundance of your ninth house ruled by Aries. Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great, as often it's a matter of choosing between what happens if you do try versus the regret of choosing not to at all. Leap; you'll be pleasantly surprised where you end up.

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May: Wednesday, May 15 

The next two months are all about new job opportunities. Perhaps in April, you finally decided to relocate to somewhere you've always desired, and now you are working to establish yourself in a new community.

Mercury shifts into Taurus in May, lighting up your career sector in terms of communication, which means it's also a great time to advocate for a raise or complete a project or proposal of any kind. You will have a way with words, and right now, that's precisely what you need to make your dreams a reality.  

Mercury in Taurus will help you with your career, but you also are going to need to do the work to create a solid foundation. Make sure you do plenty of research before applying, and don't be afraid to get a second set of eyes on a cover letter to ensure you truly are putting your best self forward.

June: Sunday, June 9 

The positive career energy continues in June as Mars shifts into Taurus. While this energy can absolutely help you get a new job or go after one if you're still looking, it will also mean you will tend to be putting in more work at the office than in other areas of your life. This energy is extremely positive as Mars is one of the luckiest planets in the sky, but you also need to be aware of the balance you need to feel your best as well.  


Come July, the energy will shift to greater enjoyment and financial rewards, so try to continue pushing ahead in all the ways needed in July. Don't give up, especially if it seems difficult, because, with Uranus in your house of career, you are being encouraged to make positive changes; you just can't give up the moment before your big breakthrough.  

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July: Thursday, July 25 

July will bring a shift of energy from Taurus, which was focused on your job, to Mercury in Virgo, which is more about seeing the financial payoffs from your efforts this year. Continue with what you have been working on in your career, but also try to give yourself more time to enjoy what you have created, whether that's a holiday break or simply time to relax and feel gratitude for the financial security you've created.  

Jupiter has now fully shifted out of Taurus and into Gemini, which is lighting up your sector of community rather than a career, so you may find yourself prioritizing close relationships, community outreach or working with others. Remember to let yourself shift with what feels right instead of fighting against anything, which will help ensure you are always on the path you are meant to be.


August: Sunday, August 4 

Venus, the planet that governs finances and real estate matters, shifts into Virgo in August, ruler of your financial sector. This makes August a wonderful time to start house hunting, though you may want to wait until September to make an offer, as Mercury will be retrograde for most of the month.

If house hunting isn't in the cards, this may also be your sign to focus your energy on improving your current home or building up your financial house for the future, as August is one of the luckiest months for finances. Still, because Mercury is retrograde, it favors more reflection and opportunities to enjoy what you've created rather than starting anything new. Be mindful of contracts this month. It's not that they are all bad, but if you do sign on the dotted line, you will have to revise it by the year's end. For now, it's better to enjoy what you've created and reflect on how you can create more.

September: Monday, September 2 

September brings another month of focusing and enjoying a new beginning in your financial house as the new moon in Virgo rises. This energy can help you now move forward with the plans you began considering in August, making September an incredible time to purchase a home, invest in an opportunity, or rent an official space for your new business.  

Everything in September is geared toward you moving ahead at a greater speed and with financial security and inner trust for what you are working toward creating. It's not possible to think too big or grand this month, and instead, trust that whatever you desire, you can have; you just need to claim it as yours.


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October: Thursday, October 17 

The full moon in Aries peaks in October, which brings a monumental opportunity to fruition. The energy that will culminate around this lunation began with the new moon solar eclipse in Aries in April, so it's incredibly powerful. You may also be finally seeing the results of the hard work you've been putting in, as you're enjoying more of the life you've always wanted to live, in addition to feeling financially abundant.  

The full moon in Aries helps you focus on what you've created this year while also remaining focused on how much further you want to go. The end of the year offers continued opportunities in your career, and with luck, so it's okay to keep dreaming. Much of what you're moving into now, you planted the seeds for earlier in the year, so make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to enjoy it, too.

November: Friday, November 15 

November brings another lens of perspective to your career as the Taurus full moon rises. Taurus is all about your career, and it's an area you've worked hard on this year. It wasn't just about a better title or more pay, though, but about truly knowing you are working at a job that honors who you are and which you have room to grow. Ultimately, it's your career that allows you to live the life you desire, so use this energy to confirm that you are on the right path.  


Mars will shift into Leo, your ruling sign, this month, so you may feel compelled to start moving in radical ways. Just be mindful that Mars will station retrograde in December, so it's best to try to moderate the ideas you're having right now so you can make them as strong as you can implement fully at the start of next year. Just because you can do anything you want doesn't mean it all has to be done in this moment; pace yourself.

December: Sunday, December 29 

Let yourself surrender to the change in seasons as Mars retrograde in Leo encourages you to slow down, reflect, and think about how you've been honoring your inner voice. This will affect what has been motivating you and be that driving force throughout the year, and now you may find yourself shifting priorities a bit. Your relationship and familial success are just as important and lucky as your finances and career, so let yourself invest in those relationships, too. It doesn't mean you're getting behind, but instead, putting your energy in precisely where you are meant to.  

Asteroid Chiron, known as the wounded healer, stations direct in Aries at the end of December and helps you to understand what has previously been holding you back from taking new opportunities in life. Those who genuinely love you will want the best for you, even if it means life takes you in a new direction. Just because you might have sacrificed yourself for others doesn't mean they will end up doing the same. Let this healing energy be what guides you forward into a new year as you learn that the most radical act of self-love is when you finally start listening to your own heart.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.