The Luckiest Day Of Each Month In 2024 For Capricorn, According To Astrology

Change is always a positive step in the right direction.

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It's a brand-new year, and with it, the 2024 Capricorn lucky day horoscope reveals a fresh start is calling your name. 

This year, Pluto will be ending its thirteen-year reign in your sign of Capricorn as it shifts into Aquarius. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and has created a power play within yourself to move forward no matter the cost and to focus on your success, especially in following your truth. Yet, this is shifting this year, and with it, you will be gaining more confidence in yourself and the life you have created. Allow yourself to recognize you don't have to fear ever losing what is divinely meant for you. 


As Pluto makes its big move from Capricorn into Aquarius, you will start moving through the profound lessons of the Nodes of Fate as the light-up eclipses on the Aries and Libra axis. The North Node in Aries is currently moving through your house of family, as the South Node is encouraging reflection and growth in your professional sector.

Ultimately, this is to help bring you into greater balance within yourself as you recognize the importance of family relationships and start to invest as much in this area of your life as you have in your career. Even with all of your personal growth, you must start using that positively as you change how you prioritize your time and the needs of those around you. As you do, you will come to find that the success and luck you find in your closest relationships may exceed what you've accomplished within your business.  


Your professional life will be intensified this year as Libra is the only zodiac sign in which two eclipses will occur. With a Lunar Eclipse representing an internal shift and a Solar mirror that has external change, it's important to remain diligent between March and October when they will be occurring. Not just in terms of the career choices you make, but also what you choose to prioritize, as you will be setting the standard for the future as well.

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During the year, and especially within this time, try to review how you determine success, what is of greater value to you, and how things would be different if you released the idea you had to endless work to achieve abundance endlessly for you in the coming year will be to allow yourself to embrace change, to focus on your life, and learn that despite any professional success, it is your family and closest relationships which will always make a difference in creating the life you dream of.  


Capricorn's lucky day horoscope for every month of 2024

Luckiest day in January: Saturday, January 20 

January starts the year with a blend of Capricorn magic as your zodiac season helps you focus on what you want to create in the new year. Your personal zodiac season is always a time of immense luck as the Sun is considered one of the most beneficial planets in the cosmos. Use this energy to journal about what feels most important to you, what innovative ideas you're looking to implement and where it feels like you will be directed in the coming months.

At the end of January, the Sun will shift into Aquarius, which will change your focus to the themes of finances, value and what you are worth receiving. Aquarius energy rules your second house and helps you create the abundance you seek. While this is an area that is just beginning a phase of growth as Pluto shifts into this zodiac sign, it's important to make sure you are honoring the truth in terms of any financial decisions or in what you are worth yourself as the lord of the underworld will always bring everything to light.

Luckiest day in February: Saturday, February 24 

February starts to help you see a major project or dream brought to fruition as the Virgo Full Moon rises in your ninth house. This is the area that rules luck, abundance, expansion, education and travel. So, you may also be taking a trip around this time or starting to look at relocating. Virgo helps you to embrace a new way of looking at life and encourages you to take leaps of faith when it comes to making your dreams a reality, so approach anything that arises this month with courage.  

Virgo is a sign that while it inspires you to take your life in a new direction, it is also focused on making sure it's as stable as possible. The benefit is that you will put a great deal of planning into whatever new venture you are considering; however, you also need to be mindful of trying to have everything go perfectly. Virgo must learn that you can only plan, and the rest is in the universe's hands. As you learn this, the luck you attract will increase.


Luckiest day in March: Monday, March 25 

Something big is beginning to take shape in your life as you progress through the first few months of the year. While the Full Moon rose in Virgo in February, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra dominated the energy in March. Libra energy rules over your house of career, but in this case, it will present as a shift within yourself. You might be realizing you need to readjust your business plan, change your work routine, or return to school to achieve certain goals.  

This is the beginning point for you, as much as it's a Full Moon, which usually brings endings because the period between now and the beginning of October is going to be primed for making sweeping changes within your career and your priorities. Try to spend time journaling, as well as listening to those who are closest to you, especially if they are speaking about a need for more quality time together.

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Luckiest day in April: Sunday, April 21 

April builds upon the energy and ushers in the ability to now commit more fully to doing things differently, which, in your case, will prove to be one of the luckiest things you can do.


Asteroid Juno rules agreements and contracts. As it stations direct in Virgo, you will be able to commit more fully to what you've been considering and dreaming of since the start of the year. This could involve beginning new classes, signing a lease, or another opportunity that takes you further into the future.  

The Aries Solar Eclipse will also occur in April in your house of home, so staying mindful of your priorities can help you find a new sense of direction and purpose within your life. In many ways, it can often be easier to achieve success in the business world than in the personal one simply because you lack control over others in your life. But when you can embrace those closest to you, honoring the value they bring to your life, you will also feel more balanced and successful — because at the end of the day, it's not just about the job you work at, but the home you return to.

Luckiest day in May: Thursday, May 2 

Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, and in May, it will shift into Gemini, where it will spend the next year. Gemini rules your sixth house of determination, time and well-being. This next year will be an immense year of prosperity for you as you will be better able to overcome any obstacle or challenge in your way.

The one thing to remain mindful of, though, is that while Jupiter is encouraging career and business success, the Nodes of Fate are still guiding you to reflect on your relationships as much as your career, so do make sure you aren't working too long of hours and neglecting those you love.  


Pluto will also station retrograde in Aquarius, bringing a focus onto your financial house and what you value most in life. This area of your life also rules your self-esteem and deservingness, so ensure you are making whatever decisions you need to for yourself so you can continue to be empowered to make the decisions necessary for the year.

Luckiest day in June: Thursday, June 6 

The month of June is the only month all year that doesn't have a direct focus on career, new opportunities, or finances, and that is because you are going to be guided to focus on your personal life. This is part of the balance that you are working toward, so think about planning some time off, a summer holiday or getting out of work earlier to make the most of the surplus of daylight you'll now have.  

It's okay to take a break from working every minute to simply enjoy those that matter most to you, and the New Moon in Gemini will emphasize this, as you are called to reflect on what goes into you feeling like your best. Gemini may rule determination and time, but it also helps you be mindful of what you put into your body, your exercise routine and your mental health to ensure you are in top form. Let yourself remain committed to your professional goals, but also take the month to build up your relationships and focus on your health.

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Luckiest day in July: Thursday, July 25 

July begins a two-month stretch of reflection and growth within your career sector, which is why taking time for yourself and your relationships was so important in June. Mercury will shift into Virgo, lighting up your sector with new opportunities and luck, but it will also be in pre-shadow for its upcoming retrograde in August. This is the time to go over the choices you've made, to reflect on whether they're in alignment with your growth, and to make a plan for positive changes if you decide you need to make any.  

You may also need to figure out financing for your business, new home, or educational program with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. Remember that no dream is impossible; it's just a matter of figuring out your way around any challenge, which is what Jupiter in Gemini will continue to help you with — especially if you open yourself up to things going differently than you had imagined they would.

Luckiest day in August: Sunday, August 4 

Remain mindful that this is a month of review and reflection to get things in order ahead of the new beginning that's awaiting you in September. For now, as Venus shifts into Virgo, take the time to think about what is most important to you and what you need as you embark on a new chapter in your life. This may bring up some unexpected opportunities, especially with Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo and then backtracking into Leo, which will highlight themes of transformation and the possibility of an inheritance.  

By allowing Venus in Virgo to help you see what is most important in this new chapter of your life, you can make the most of the energy of Mercury so you can get everything in order to achieve success. Focus your efforts on your internal process and having conversations with others, but be mindful Mercury can bring complications to written communication, so be sure to check through any loan applications or important correspondence thoroughly.


Luckiest day in September: Monday, September 2 

September brings a new lucky beginning and will serve as one of the luckiest months of the year for you as the New Moon occurs in Virgo. This has been a new beginning you've been working on during the past few months and will allow you to feel like you're making progress toward your dreams. Remember that even when you're making progress on starting your business or relocating for a new job, not everything will be perfect all at once, but that doesn't mean it's not precisely where you are meant to be. 

Pluto will also reenter Capricorn as part of its retrograde in September. This is a phase that will only last about two months before permanently shifting into Aquarius, but it still is important to be mindful of. Remember, this is a new phase of your life, and focus your energy on truly doing things differently, settling old matters and embracing your new mindset as you confidently move forward with confidence.

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Luckiest day in October: Wednesday, October 2 

October brings the second Libra Eclipse. This month, it will be a Solar New Moon Eclipse, which means not only is there another new beginning awaiting you, but it will also bring to fruition something that began around the Lunar Eclipse in March. This will be intense career energy so that you may have a sudden shift in positions, hear about a job you applied for over the summer months or get word of that promotion you've been hoping for. 


As you celebrate and enjoy this successful new beginning in your career, don't forget to honor those relationships that are important to you as well. While an eclipse always brings positive energy, there may also be a situation that arises in which you must choose between work and family, such as an impromptu meeting and an event with your partner or friends. Try to find a balance here and honor whichever was made first while still prioritizing both to ensure you're not just working with the energy but learning from it as well.

Luckiest day in November: Tuesday, November 19 

November is finally here, and with it, Pluto finally makes its steps into Aquarius. Whenever a generational planet like Pluto begins to shift zodiac signs, it takes some time for it to be fully in one zodiac sign, and now that it is, this is also where it will remain for the next twenty years. Try to get ahead of the lessons this might bring as you focus on embracing truth and honesty in your relationships with others and in your finances. Remember, never try to cheat the universe because it always sees the truth and will seek to expose it.  

By embracing the energy of Pluto in Aquarius, you should also be feeling more confident within yourself. You can understand yourself more deeply, your strengths and how that translates to the life you want to live. Allow yourself to bid farewell to that important era of Pluto in Capricorn. It may not have been easy, but it was worthwhile, and now that it's over, you also deserve to celebrate all you've become and created because of it.

Luckiest day in December: Sunday, December 22 

As the last month of the year begins, you will be entangled in an exciting process of transformation as Mars in Leo brings the newness to your life you've been seeking before stationing retrograde. This will help you feel like things are slowing down, which will help as this year likely felt like it was always shifting in new and unexpected ways. This also gives you a chance to become more grounded in the changes occurring so you can feel more confident in this new phase of your life being permanent.  


The end of the month also brings the Last Quarter Moon in Libra, which will help you transition fully to your new mindset and perspective involving your career and the balance you have created in your life. Allow yourself to release the idea of working endlessly, sacrificing time with those that matter most, and the fear of failure that has previously lingered over you.

This is a brand-new beginning and the work you've done this year will never be taken apart. Instead, it's the very foundation you need to continue building the most abundant life you can dream of.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.