The Luckiest Day Of Each Month In 2024 For Aquarius, According To Astrology

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2024 aquarius lucky day horoscope symbolism

The more open you are to what surfaces, the more divine guidance you can receive.

As the Nodes of Fate continue to spin, they create a new eclipse cycle that will govern much of your life during 2024. The South Node in Libra has recently moved into your house of luck and abundance, which is all about challenging the past beliefs that you've held about what is possible. At the same time, the North Node in Aries in your communication sector will inspire you to open your mind, gain more knowledge and learn from what you experience in life. 

Although there are many interesting twists the year ahead will take, by understanding that everything that occurs is meant to challenge you to look at it openly, unobjectively and with curiosity, you can make the most of whatever occurs. This will be especially powerful as Saturn continues to move through Pisces in your house of finances and self-worth as you work to understand the deeper meaning and presence of wealth and how that is often determined by the beliefs you hold about yourself. Much of this year is centering around you releasing and letting go so that you can create space for what not only is meant for you but also what can help you achieve all you dream of.  

Pluto, the lord of the underworld, will also make its final steps as it settles into Aquarius for the next twenty years. This will take the focus off your internal healing and inspire you to feel more empowered. Even this centers around the beliefs you hold regarding yourself, your life and the opportunities that cross your path.

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To truly make the most of the powerful energy in 2024, allow yourself to see things differently than you have before. Be aware of any inner monologues of limitation, lack or conditioning that may still be determining your choices. The more that you can approach everything with an open mind in the year ahead, the more luck you will discover.

Aquarius' lucky day horoscope for every month of 2024 

Luckiest day in January: Saturday, January 20 

January starts with a powerful reminder for you to return to your inner truth. This is the push for you to become and live from your most authentic state as you realize this is the only way to live the life of your dreams.

The Sun and Pluto both shift into Aquarius, highlighting your self, views and beliefs that govern the choices that you make. Because this is also a theme that will govern the year ahead, it's important to spend time reflecting on what you genuinely want — not just what you think is possible. 

You are the rebel of the zodiac, and so it's time to step back into that inner power and realize that you are simply meant to do things differently. When you can honor this truth about yourself, then there is no limit to what you can create in your life. While the Sun will help you act with greater authenticity, Pluto is just beginning its reign in Aquarius, signifying that this next chapter of your life will be all about you owning the radiant truth of who you are.

Luckiest day in February: Friday, February 23 

Not only does Aquarius season continue into February, but the Piscean energy starts to filter in, beginning with Mercury shifting into this water sign. Pisces rules over your house of finances, value and self-worth, representing a desire to understand the greater meaning of the choices you make and what you dream of. Pisces doesn't just want wealth for the sake of richness but from living in purpose and alignment with its soul, and so this is the journey that will dominate not only this month but also the year Saturn continues to move through this sign. 

February is an excellent time to reflect on your finances, anything that you've been leaving for another time and to be more mindful about spending on those things or items that truly resonate with your soul. You can also begin to understand that how you feel about yourself will often show up in how financially abundant you are. While this is an ongoing theme this year and won't come up until later, you can use this period now so that in the future, you will be able to advocate for what you are genuinely worth.

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Luckiest day in March: Monday, March 11 

Venus, the planet that rules finances and real estate, shifts into Pisces, ruler of your house of value in March. This brings some fabulous opportunities for financial growth around this time, especially if you can tune into what you really love. Use this to focus on creating your passion into a business, where you're not just helping yourself but others in the process. As much as you are the rebel of the zodiac, you also always move from the space of what is best for the collective. By tapping into this power, you can also create a new opportunity or business in which you're able to achieve the abundance you desire while still having it be of benefit to others.

It's important to remain as open-minded as possible in March, especially as the Libra Lunar Eclipse occurs, which will significantly challenge long-held beliefs — but which may be precisely what you need to get to that next level of life.

Luckiest day in April: Friday, April 19 

April is a time to let yourself catch your breath while remaining focused on staying open-minded and creating greater alignment between your career and truth. April brings a semi-sextile between Saturn in Pisces and the North Node in Aries. Saturn is helping you become more logical and focused on greater financial wealth by helping you become more committed and serious. However, the North Node in Aries is encouraging you to open yourself to the lessons those around you can teach you and to let your beliefs shift as you do. 

Create spaces for conversations with others in April, specifically friends, family or financial advisors, which can help open your eyes to seeing things in your financial sector differently than you have before. Part of this is remaining open to new ideas and suggestions, but it's also about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and asking for the opinions of others. There is always a purpose for everyone you meet in life, and sometimes, it's because they are meant to help tilt the scales of luck in your favor.

Luckiest day in May: Thursday, May 2 

The luckiest planet in the cosmos is Jupiter. Jupiter rules over luck, abundance, expansion, education, travel and everything that would take you out of your comfort zone and invite you to new opportunities. In May, Jupiter shifts from Taurus into Gemini, where it will remain for the next year. Gemini rules over your sector of joy, so while it might not bring a financial windfall, it is going to help you start enjoying your life more.

Try to not only remain open to new ideas and possibilities around this time but also let yourself enjoy life. There is no point in working so hard for a specific result that you miss the joy of the journey. Even if you know dramatic shifts are coming to your career or finances in the year ahead, it's also okay to simply create space to find joy or happiness, as this helps to remind your inner self of your worthiness and what the purpose of life and working so hard even is.

Luckiest day in June: Saturday, June 29 

Saturn is known as the father of the zodiac, as it rules over karmic lessons, divine timing and justice. Saturn has an extremely strict rule of ensuring that you do things the right way, which translates to universal morality. This includes making sure you're following all the steps necessary to create success while maintaining honesty, integrity, and responsibility in the process. Saturn is currently in Pisces, which means these are the themes, along with those of greater meaning and purpose, thanks to its current ethereal water placement, that will be affecting your house of finances and self-worth. 

In June, Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces and invite you on a journey of inner growth as you begin to reflect on whether your pay scale is equivalent to the work you're putting in or the position you hold. Saturn can also help you learn to be more assertive and advocate for yourself. Reflect on what you are charging or receiving as compensation during this time, as you will use it in the future to advocate for a new position or raise.

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Luckiest day in July: Tuesday, July 9 

Asteroid Pallas governs over intuition wisdom and can allow you to fight for what it is that you know is true or universally right. In August, Pallas stations direct in Scorpio, lighting up your tenth house of career and inspiring you to start making changes precisely where they are needed the most. This will be an excellent time to instill greater boundaries with your professional life, along with reflecting on how you feel you are treated and compensated in your job.  

Mercury does station retrograde in August, which means much of July will be in pre-shadow. Use the first two weeks of July to set any new boundaries or apply for a new position that feels more aligned with your truth. During the last two weeks of the month, it would be best to raise conversations about compensation or other career matters, which are more about reviewing what was originally agreed to rather than initiating anything new. In this way, you are using the energy of Mercury retrograde for your benefit.

Luckiest day in August: Friday, August 9 

Mercury will be retrograde for most of August, so put your energy into reviewing contracts, agreements and boundaries. This will be highlighted in your house of career as Pallas is inspiring you to fight for what is right and will be strengthened once Juno shifts into Libra, encouraging you to look at things from a new perspective.  

Asteroid Juno rules contracts and agreements, and in Libra, it is all about the new. During a Mercury retrograde, you are more likely to have matters of the past brought up than kickstart anything new. Spend time going over projects you've been working on, a business plan for your venture or your resume or CV. By focusing your energy on preparing yourself as much as possible for the success you want, you can make the most of the next two months, which are the luckiest of the year.

Luckiest day in September: Tuesday, September 17 

September brings Libra season, which will help place your focus on the new, while the first eclipse in the Pisces and Virgo cycle will occur, giving you a sneak peek at what the second half of 2025 will hold for you. Libra energy governs over your house of luck, expansion and travel, making this a perfect time to begin something new — or take off on that trip you've been dreaming of. In this area of your life, travel isn't just for a holiday or fun, but will serve an important purpose in helping you to open your mind and move through the lessons that you're meant to. 

While you are embracing and making the most of this new era of your life, the Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will peak in your house of finances and self-worth. As you allow yourself to be more open-minded to let your beliefs shift, you will naturally grow and evolve in every area of your life. Be very aware of a new financial opportunity coming in during this time, as it may involve more financial abundance and a risk that will ask you to believe in yourself more deeply than you ever have before.  

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Luckiest day in October: Wednesday, October 2 

October begins with the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sector of luck, making this the luckiest month of the year for you. Libra energy really does want to help you create the life you've dreamed of, but to do that, you're going also to have to be willing to take a risk. This is part of the process of being open-minded, as it's not just about entertaining innovative ideas but allowing yourself to find the faith necessary to take a leap of faith and trust that it will all turn out as it's meant to because the universe has and will always be on your side.  

Mercury, the planet of communication, will shift into Scorpio in October. You may find that you are focusing on taking your career in a new direction, especially with the Libra energy still so present. This is a prime time to apply for new jobs, interview, or launch your own business based on what you are passionate about. Everything career-related or moving ahead and trying something new, is favored in October, so make sure you don't let this essential opportunity pass you by.

Luckiest day in November: Friday, November 15 

Saturn, the father and taskmaster of the zodiac, stations direct in Pisces, helping you to take all you've been internally reviewing and putting it into direct action. This will encourage you to take action, not just in honoring your worth or taking care of financial matters with better diligence, but also to start advocating for higher pay. All of the work that you've been doing throughout the year has been preparing you for this moment, so if you are in a position that you enjoy but have been feeling like you should be moved up in your pay scale or receive a bonus for the amazing work you did on a project — now is the time to ask for it.  

Try to remember that many times, whether in your career or in terms of how the universe operates, you won't receive something until you first ask for it. The act of asking for what it is you want is what allows the universe to work with you to bring it to fruition. It also sends the message that you know you are worth it, and in this case, it's guaranteed that those who surround you right now know it, too.

Luckiest day in December: Saturday, December 7 

Neptune is the planet that rules fantasy, dreams and hope for a better future. In Pisces, it is focused on creating an aura of oneness around you and within every facet of your life. While Neptune is direct, it often makes things seem better than they really are, but in that, you are also able to find an infinite amount of hope and faith to make them even better. Yet, when Neptune is retrograde, those rose-colored glasses are removed, and situations in life can often feel worse than they truly are.  

Now that Neptune is stationing direct in Pisces, expect to feel more hopeful about your life and the future you are building. You can also use this energy to reflect on what major beliefs have shifted this year, what that has meant for your path, and how you've learned to trust within yourself more deeply.

While your beliefs may still grow and shift in the first part of next year, it's important to reflect on how much has changed within your life and how, by the sheer act of believing anything is possible, you've been able to align your career with your inner growth. Now that you have, you truly do know that you can accomplish anything — once you believe you can.

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