20 Signs Your 'Vibrations' Are Lifting You Into The Top 1% Of People

Your soul is going through a transformation.

Last updated on Jan 20, 2024

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If you're wondering how to raise your vibration and become more spiritual, it's worth taking a look to see if you've already become the emotionally mature person you desire to be.

You feel it, that penetrating, nagging pull from within that’s telling you to pay attention.

You know it. Something is different and that something changed your way of seeing the world and yourself. You now recognize the distinction.


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You sense it. From all of your physical senses and that intuitive radar you suddenly feel attuned to, you are different. Elevated. And you seek to explore this wonderful transformation.

Friends and family may not understand. Your words fall on deaf ears; the thoughts don’t make sense except to you. All you know is this new energy must be tapped. New life is waiting.

Your vibration is rising.

That rise is an expansion of your consciousness. Everyone travels different paths, gains personalized lessons, and at some point, you reach this level where your awareness explodes with a deep understanding of the world and yourself.


If you don’t have supportive energy around you, you can receive that major download with skepticism and a negative emotional spectrum. It can be suppressed, never allowed to express itself to the fullest. Spiritual growth can be hidden so deep that it transforms within the subconscious and becomes toxic.

Here are 20 signs your 'vibrations' are lifting you into the top 1% of mature people:

1. Your interests change

If you had a routine of going out, partying, or other recreational activities, you may suddenly lose interest. The meaning disappears as you feel more connected to your inner self and more curious to explore your potential.

You begin replacing activities, filling up more of your time with self-development venues that focus on consciousness.

2. Your friendships dissolve

As your consciousness matures, you see more, and what never bothered you in your friendships begins to reach your awareness. There may also be times when your interests strongly differ from your 'friends.'


They may want to get drunk one night while you no longer feel that’s important, for example. As you start focusing on other matters, the time you invest with friends who aren’t moving with you may decrease.

Eventually, you receive an intuitive understanding that you don’t share the same likes any longer. Sometimes it happens with a clash and sometimes there’s a mutual understanding. Either way, the same friends you had before no longer stick around.



3. Your energy increases

Your general energy level increases, giving you more stamina physically and mentally. You might notice you're less sleepy during the day, can read, or focus longer on a task.


The rising consciousness is a speed increase in mental frequency, and that puts you on a different energy plane.

4. Your food interests change

Have you tried to eat your favorite burger and realize how much you now dislike it? With a spiritual rise, common food may no longer taste the same.

Not to say you’ll have a total dietary overhaul, but the food you might’ve enjoyed in the past may feel different once in your new system. The higher your consciousness, the higher the frequency your body will be operating on, the cleaner your system becomes.

So you may end up noticing the toxicity in some of the food you regularly consume. Gradually, you gravitate toward cleaner, higher-vibration options like organic vegetables, fruits, and grains.


5. You have solitude bouts

Soul rising can at first be both exhilarating and terrifying. You’re entering a space in your inner world no one else can go but you.

It will be no surprise that you start feeling the need to be alone at times.

So much of what you experience others might not understand, and you may feel it necessary to take solitude for understanding.

See the bouts as not your inability to make friends, but the signal that it’s time for self-reflection about what’s happening within.

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6. Your thoughts change

You notice the types of thoughts you have no longer concern many mundane matters. You start to care less about showing off or what others think and more about soul growth.


You start questioning long-held beliefs. There’s an impulse to ask more "whys." Questions of morality and metaphysics flood your mind.

7. Your interest in world events increases

As you see more, you’ll begin paying attention to global news. Not specifically the television, but your interest in what’s happening in the world will increase. You'll naturally gravitate toward those matters that influence world events.

Seeing catastrophic situations, starvation, or harm done to animals may trigger you on a deeper level, moving you toward some passion to take action.

8. You have greater sensitivity to energy

This energy can take many forms. You might be able to sense your friend’s disturbance before they even recognize something is wrong.




Or you might sense there will be rain, even though the weather reporter doesn’t mention it. This greater sensitivity tunes you into life patterns all around you.

9. You're more interested in helping others

Since you’re giving more attention to world events, something reaches deep within you to assist. As your energy elevates, you have a higher reserve for self-healing and extra energy to offer others.

Not only do you have the strength, but a mission begins brewing inside. There’s a cause that you feel compelled to take on.


So you begin sharing positive messages, news, and your talents in as many ways as you can to see other people come to their rise.

10. You learn faster

Your soul rise may induce quicker learning and you might begin to have knowledge in areas you previously never studied.

When in the past it might’ve taken you a few hours to read or understand a topic, you begin understanding in waves.

Linear thought integrates with holistic, and your stronger cosmic connection makes you a clearer channel for a flow of light (information) to integrate within your psyche. That light touches your DNA, and your cells, giving you access to more intelligence.

Sometimes this happens over time, other times it can feel like your mind’s been jolted with electricity and the knowing is instantly present.


11. Your perspective changes

You see from an elevated perspective, almost as if your awareness can fly and see situational maps in your life.

You can also hone in on an issue’s foundation, the root of a person’s distress. Seeing this depth helps you solve problems with less collateral damage.

You can help people summarize their issues and see clarity.

12. You meet more conscious people

You might feel down about losing some friends due to your rise but fear not. Another transformation sign is the introduction of new, conscious human beings into your life. You attract them just like your opportunities. Since you begin investing time in conscious places, you increase the chances of meeting like-minded people. You might recognize each other from “keywords” you use, certain lingo, or definitions. There might be something about the person’s energy you feel, and they from you.


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13. You develop a deeper connection with nature

Connection touches you on all levels and that inevitably leads to more gratefulness for nature. The elements, the trees, the crystal, and the soil: You feel closer to these aspects in your natural world and want to develop a deeper relationship.

14. You are more "magnetic"

With more light, elevated thoughts, a connection to nature, and a drive to assist others, you become a much more attractive human being. You literally radiate more light that brings people and opportunities to you. People want to talk to you.

Being in your energy field calms others. That enhances your beauty of course, and you wouldn’t be surprised if you attracted love as a result.


15. You let go of what you don't need

This letting go happens as you see your purpose. Parts of your life that don’t fall in sync with that purpose gradually fade out of your view.

Your rise acts as a filter to show you what’s important versus what’s not.

16. Your intuition heightens

Intuition is your inner sight; your inner teacher. You become more receptive to its messages as you rise. Over time, you begin to trust it as a solid guide and feel it’s coming from your higher self.


Intuition keeps you out of danger, helps you make the best decisions, and facilitates your connection to the cosmos.

17. You accept people as they are

With your rise, you may notice you’re less judgmental. It’s not that you’re becoming passive, but your consciousness now sees that people have their unique paths.

People make their own choices and must learn their lessons. This perception change connects to your mission to help others.

18. You feel more gratitude

With your rise, you may feel the need to spontaneously cry or feel thankful, sheer gratitude for what’s been awakened within. You might feel the impulse to pray or meditate as your heart chakra cracks wide open.


You feel appreciative for all that you currently have.

19. You have increased synchronicity

Synchronicity is about meaning and connection. Your rise gives you awareness of the webs in your life, how your actions and thoughts lead to manifestations, how people end up in your life at just the right time, and how you might see the right message at the time you need it.

People may also call this just a coincidence, but as you elevate you realize there’s a purpose in everything.

20. You feel connected to the "divine"

There are many signs of rising consciousness, but possibly the most meaningful might be your connection to "oneness." The All.

There’s something within that gives you the direct experience of the life spark; you simply know the divine is present in all things.


That intelligence works within you.

Recognizing just one of these signs in your life can be evidence that your soul is on the rise. Listen to that divine light. Go where it guides you. The power to rise is within.

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Trent Rhodes is a career development consultant, literary artist, and metaphysician, and creator of Master Learn, a website that provides educational writing, coaching, and (internal) technology so people can develop how to think rather than what to think.