Why People On TikTok Are Raving About Shufflemancy & How To Make A Divination Playlist

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What Shufflemancy Means & How To Use A Playlist For Divination

Music has such a profound effect on the human body that it’s not surprising that music can be a way to gain insight into and answer questions about the future.

And as is the way today in regard to most exciting methods for gaining further clarity into our lives, the practice known as shufflemancy has quickly become a popular hashtag on TikTok, especially in the cyber realm of the app known as WitchTok.

What is shufflemancy?

Shufflemancy is a modern form of divination that uses music as a guide to Insight on our innermost questions. Much like tarot cards or runes are shuffled after asking a question you would like to know they answer to, shufflemancy involves shuffling a playlist, asking a question, and finding your answer in the musical selection you land on.



Music divination is perfect for beginners as it’s based largely on intuition and feeling rather than the deep knowledge that tarot cards, astrology, and other forms of divination require for proper practice.

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How to Do a Shufflemancy Reading

1. Create a playlist.

Your Shufflemancy playlist should include any song that speaks to you.

You’ll know these songs when you hear them. You can add all of your favorite songs from throughout the years, random songs you hear on the radio that catch your ear, and songs that remind you of other people.

The best shufflemancy playlists span genres and moods to cover any and all types of feelings.

2. Have a specific question in mind.

Simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions can be difficult to answer with shufflemancy, so it’s best to ask for general insight or a nudge in the right direction.

3. Pick a number.

Using a number randomizer or a number that’s in your head, choose a number. Now hit ‘shuffle’ on your playlist that many times. After shuffling, the final song it ends on will be the song you interpret.

For example, if you choose the number seven, shuffle your playlist seven times. The song that plays on the seventh shuffle is your divination song.

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How to Interpret Songs in Shufflemancy

As the song plays, there are a few things to keep in mind as you begin your interpretation.

1. The Song Itself

How does the song fit into your life? Is it a song you’ve been playing nonstop recently, or at another specific period of your life?

2. Lyrics and Song Title

Does the song title itself answer your question? Are the lyrics sending any overt messages related to your question? You can also think about the state of mind the artist was in when they wrote the song.

Even a lack of lyrics can have deep meaning, as instrumentals can evoke a lot of emotion.

3. Artist

Does the artist have any special meaning to you? Have they gone through anything in their personal life related to what you’re questioning?

4. Album Art and Music Video

Many songs have visuals that go along with them. How do the visuals make you feel?

5. Use Your Intuition

It’s been scientifically proven that you can actually feel music, meaning whatever divination song you’re interpreting will bring out some sort of emotion in you.

Listen to what your body is telling you and apply that feeling to your question.

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