How To Notice Synchronicities Or ‘Signs’ Through Life

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There are lessons, signs, and synchronicities happening in your life all around you every day.

Unfortunately, not everyone is tuned in enought to actually notice them. But if you do notice them, it can be a helpful road map through life.

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What are synchronicities?

First, it's important to know what synchronicities are.

The concept was first coined by psychologist Carl Jung who believed there are some occurences in life that are more than just coincidence, and in fact, "...that (these) events are 'meaningful coincidences' if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related."

How to look deeper to notice synchronicities.

When lessons or little nuggets of help come through, they will never be completely spelled out for you. So, it's important to be open and look a little deeper.

Sometimes, synchronicities will show up through a song, something a stranger says to you, or just a thought or feeling.

There is always another level of perception in your life that you can attain by being open and just listening deeper with all your senses. The first step to becoming more open to noticing them is being aware that so much more is going on beneath the surface.

Your spirit guides and your choices are always creating lessons and nuggets of information for you. So, start by being aware and noticing things on a deeper level.

It helps to write things down to keep track of these synchonicities, so you can look back at them later. Hindsight is a great tool for understanding what a synchronicity meant so you learn the language and listen to hints right away next time.

Notice patterns and feelings.

Notice any feelings or thoughts you get when a synchronicity appears. Notice things around you and any patterns they may hold.

Synchronicities can show up in any way and at any time, so be patient with yourself.

If you ignore your intuition, what happens?

Usually something hard will be thrown in your path to remind you that you didn't listen and need to do something different for your best interest.

The thought may usually seem silly and you may think, "Why would I do that?" But over time, you will see there is a very good reason. And if you listen, it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

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Your spirit guides send synchronicities to help you —  but you have free will on how you respond.

We all have free will, and our spirit guides cannot get in the way of that. But they can help you get to where you want to go with a less-bumpy path, if you choose to listen.

Some people will notice number sequences, like for instance "11:11." The meaning is different for each person — there is no one size fits all — so it can be tricky.

You can also talk to your guides and create symbols and signs for them to send you. For instance, "If I see X come up it means Y," and so forth. Be very specific and clear, or you could end up causing confusion.

You chose certain lessons you wanted to learn from this time on Earth. Those are always showing up behind the scenes, all the time.

If you don't know what they are, it can be easy to miss them, and it may take much longer to complete them.

It's impossible to list all the ways the signs come through. There are so many, and it differs for each person.

It could be through a bird or a butterfly, or an obstacle telling you to look deeper and make changes. With any roadblock that comes up for you, look deeper at it — there is a reason for it.

Everything has a perfect flow, a reason, and a deeper meaning. If you look deeper, you can see it, and everything in life will make so much more sense.

Without listening to these signs and nudges, it can feel like you are going through life blind.

So really start paying attention to synchroncities. Opening up to all the help you are being given all around you will help improve your life.

As you pay attention, open up, and listen to your intuition more and more, it will become easier and easier. It makes life much easier and less bumpy, but only if you actually listen and follow the signs.

So today, open up and look deeper at what is showing up for you to help you. It's there, just listen!

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