5 Laws Of Attraction To Get Any Guy You Want

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There's a lot of interest right now in the Law of Attraction, the idea that we can attract more of what we want into our own lives.

There are many ways in which people are advised to bring this law into their own life through thoughts, words, and deeds. 

Some are relatively complex and difficult, but don’t worry! It’s really rather simple.

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Here are five laws of attraction to get any guy you want:

1. Be, do, and have.

Many of us think that we need to do or have something before we can be something or experience the state of being we desire.

For instance, "If I have the training, then I can do the job and I will be respected."

In fact, the way it works is the opposite.

If you start right now being the person who is respected by acting and thinking like that person, then the universe will help you with the rest — because that's who you are.

You'll still have to get the degree or training and the job, but those things will come to you more easily. Opportunities will present themselves when they are congruent with who you are.

2. The Law of Attraction is not a guarantee.

It’s fine to have a strong desire for, say, a lot of money. However, just wanting money is not going to bring it. You have to think and act as if you're already that rich person.

Does this mean you should spend all of your money? No, never. It means that you should get into the mindset that you have enough for your needs and do the right things to make that true.

At that point, you may still struggle. But with a different way of thinking, it won’t be as uncomfortable.

Will money flow to you? It's more likely that you'll become more financially savvy and comfortable, but wealth is not guaranteed.

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3. Focus your thoughts properly.

We all have thousands of thoughts every day. Some are conscious (i.e., "I want a cookie."), but most are not. There's no way you can expect to control or monitor all of those thoughts.

The trick is to find the problematic thoughts — the ones that would tend to attract the opposite of your desires. Once you find those, don’t try to stop them or feel bad about them.

Simply rephrase them.

For instance, "I can’t afford that new car I want" becomes, "It's so exciting to contemplate buying that new car as my income increases."

You'll still have to wait until you earn enough money, but it puts it into your expected near future and lets the universe know what you want very clearly.

One way to focus your conscious thoughts is through meditation or hypnosis, training your mind to focus more clearly.

4. Use your imagination.

The human mind is amazing! We have a part of our mind called "imagination." You probably used it very well as a child to create kingdoms or sports or whatever you wanted.

Use it now to help create the future you want. In your mind, imagine living the life you desire.

If you have difficulty creating this and stepping into it, a hypnotherapist will probably be able to help you create your image and step into it.

Decorate the image with as much detail as you would like, really make it your own.

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5. Change the beliefs that hold you back.

Most people have some idea or a set of beliefs that hold them back from attaining the life they desire.

These beliefs are often a result of things someone might have said repeatedly or something they've seen.

Very often, these take the form of "can’t" statements such as, "I can’t learn math very well" or, "I don’t deserve XYZ lifestyle," or some version of "I’m not good enough."

These ideas or beliefs are false, like a pair of handcuffs that make it hard to attract the life you want.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is about attracting more of whatever you desire and what you put out informs your subconscious mind and the Universe.

The most important thing you need to know about the Law of Attraction is that it's quite practical and works in a logical way.

It's not magic and not always easy, even though it’s really pretty simple.

As Victoria Marie Gallagher says in her book, The Practical Law of Attraction, "Law of Attraction is when the manifesting conditions and personal qualities are developed and come into alignment simultaneously."

That sounds difficult and complex, but it really means that when you create the conditions — getting rid of limiting beliefs, focusing your thoughts, using your imagination, working with your personal qualities, having the ability of be-do-have and to do the tasks required to succeed — then you will be much more able to attract what you really desire.

While nothing in life is guaranteed, you'll be more likely to achieve your dreams using the Law of Attraction properly.

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Nancie Barwick is a clinical hypnotherapist, author, speaker, and medical intuitive.